Who doesn’t want to get better in life? In fact, people strive day in day out to grow in every area of their life may it be career and finance or love and relationships. You may want to have a better job, better opportunity, a dream car or house or you may want your body to be in better shape and health. You may want your relationships to be more intimate and satisfying. The desires may be endless. 

We all want our tomorrow to be better than today. We want to elevate the state we are currently living into a better state. And there is nothing wrong in doing so, that is how human beings are designed.

Let’s look at what it takes to move from the current state of living to the desired state of living. 

In your current state, the important areas of your life are at a certain level, your income, and finances, your health and well-being, your family and relationships. And you want them to be at an elevated level. Let’s say if all the important areas of your life are at the desired level, that state of life is called the desired state.

And most of the time we look for instruments, tools, and techniques to achieve the desired state. 

To achieve desired income you start searching for another job or you start a new business. To get the desired shape and weight you start exercising and dieting. To get the desired relationship, you start giving more time, sometimes gifts, or go on a vacation.

In all this, you overlook who you are ‘being’ in the current state and who you should be ideally to achieve the desired state. You never look or never give a thought to the gap between your current way of being and the ideal way of being.

There are certain parameters of the being, the current self

  1. Energy
  2. Focus
  3. Clarity
  4. Momentum
  5. Drive – the hunger for success
  6. Will power
  7. Sense of Purpose
  8. Cognition

There are current states in all these 8 parameters. You are at a certain level for each parameter. 

Let’s see, if you want to elevate the level of energy you need to look at what kind of energies impact, what are the different kinds of energies.

  1. Spiritual Energy – that comes from the sense of purpose for example Dalai Lama who has the purpose of spreading happiness and peace.
  2. Psychological Energy – It comes from reading motivational books, watching motivational videos, or talking to people who motivate us.  
  3. Physical Energy- the energy that the body needs, that comes from workouts and yoga and more especially from the food we consume. 
  4. Bio-Chemical Energy – It comes from Vitamins and Minerals and other nutrients. 

By working on these 4 forms of energies we can elevate the current levels of overall energy that we are operating at.