Believe in yourself is an own power of imagination that defines a path for our dreams which you want to achieve in the future. Believe works like a catalyst for your current effort to attach the wings to your dreams.

Disciplined or Controlled Imagination

It’s a descent of divine knowledge and wisdom, similar to “The son of old age.”
Many groups, such as scientists, artists, physicists, innovators, architects, and mystics, use imagination as a key before taking action.

We could stitch the fabric of your dreams, and it would be as simple as imagining your success before achieving it. Our vision, pictures, and ideas signal the formation of a mental image. “Law is the feeling, and law is the feeling.”
When your mind is focused on your goal or object, you will be confronted with a higher-level mental strength known as the “Creative Law of Mind.”

The first faculty is imagination. It takes precedence over all other supernatural abilities or Consciousness. Even though your mother lives 10,00 miles away, you can hear her invisible voice if you use your imagination.


How you react to people, circumstances, and objects in space is referred to as your mental attitude. When you realize that nothing outside of you can upset or hurt you until you give your mental assent, you can build the right mental attitude.
Using a disciplined, focused, and controlled imagination, you may regulate and master your emotions and mental attitude in general. Your entire emotional outlook on life will transform if you see whatever is pleasant, honorable, and deserving of praise. What do you think life is like for you? Is your life going to be full of happiness? Is it just a slew of minor annoyances? “Choose who you will serve?”

If you are a true artist in love with beauty, incredible beauty will spring forth effortlessly, and periods of strong yearning will be met by sweating or hard, mental work.

Allowing your imagination to be warped or corrupted in any manner is never a good idea. You may envision sickness, accident, and all loss if you let yourself become a metal wreak. Imagine your peace of mind, health, and happiness being broken by sickness and lack.


The Power of Imagination

The ancient wisdom (Bible) said “As a man imagines and feels, so does he become.”

When the conscious mind is relaxed, we know that the subject’s wisdom comes to the fore. You had a clear picture of the answer in your thoughts in a short time. It was written in words on a page of a book, with the whole solution diagrammed in the mind. Wisdom bigger than our conscious mind or brain spoke through us.

You are the best consultant you have when you have a question or an issue. Simply imagine and create one subject (God or someone you have more faith in) and ask the subject; you will notice that your imaginative thoughts have the best answer and solution.

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Man is made in the image and likeness of God.” As there is only one mind, this means that your mind is God’s mind. Your spirit is God’s spirit, and you create in the same manner that God does, using the same low your own universe, which includes your memories, situations, circumstances, physical health, financial situation, social life, and so on, is created from your own mental pictures and in your likeness.

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