I wrote this 14 years back in my diary but never published it anywhere on the internet. I found Good Question to be the perfect platform where I can publish this.

Let me start with the very purpose of why I am writing this? Why do such thoughts like writing about my purpose in life come into my mind? Why am I thinking too much about what is happening with me or in my life? Am I worried? Why am I worried? What makes me think about all these things? Is it true that I am not living the kind of life that my friends are living or the kind of life that my parents want me to live? Is it what makes me worried? If it is true, why am I not living that ordinary life that all my friends are living? The real question is do I even want to live like that? To some extent, the answer to this question is ‘yes’. Then why I am not living like that?

To study well -> to get a good degree -> to have a nice job -> to get married to a nice girl -> to enjoy life with family… 

This is what people call happy living. It is the kind of life my friends are living and my parents want me to live. But is it really Happy living? The answer is ‘No’. It is not life. It is like a drama. The meaning of life is something else. Life is more and beyond the traditional way of living. I don’t know what it is, but for sure I want something more and beyond a good degree, a nice job, and a happy-go-lucky life. These things may be important for survival, but survival is definitely not the purpose of life. If it was, the human body would have been immortal. 

There must be a purpose behind the human body being mortal and for that matter, the body of everything that we call ‘Living’. 

In the Bhagwad Geeta, it is said that “the body is mortal but the soul is immortal”. Can we say that the purpose that the soul serves is greater than the purpose the body serves? Then isn’t it insanity to keep searching for the purpose of the mortal, it is anyway going to die one day. 

Some people would say that God, being omnipotent, could have started the universe off any way he wanted. That may be so, but in that case, he also could have made it developed in a completely arbitrary way. Yet it appears that he chose to make it evolve in a very regular way based on certain laws. The universe has evolved into what it is right now, and the process of evolution is still on, infinitely. 

Evolution is the only thing that is permanent, since the initialization of the universe. And it is going to be till infinity. Not only human beings or any living entity born and died, history says there were civilizations that came into existence and vanished. Did they serve any purpose? Yes, it made the world what it is today, it evolved the world. 

The purpose of the soul is to evolve. The body and mind are the tools given to the soul to grow from one stage to another in the process of evolution. Maya is a system that provides different environments, events and phenomena to these souls to experience the truths and lies, the joys and sorrows, negatives and positives, the matter and the anti-matter.

What we call life is nothing but the span of time given to the soul to perform the karma already assigned by the source before it is given birth (the body and the mind). 

The initialization of the process of evolution of the universe is again an unanswered quest, but the initialization of the evolution process for a soul is from the very moment it is sent into the Maya.