There is a general concept of defining someone’s status in society. We usually, assess people through what is visible to us not what lies beyond our vision. No matter how you feel inside of you but your existence in this transactional world is defined by what you possess (tangible stuff). Mostly, it is our living standard or outer structure that defines us as an individual in the society we live in, ain’t you agree with this? 

Enjoying economic freedom is the sole right of every human being. It enables us to survive gracefully in the world. It honours our educational investment and the expectations of our parents and loved ones. Moreover, It boosts our confidence and builds our prestige in society. We become worthy of contribution to society and which is why our society is designed that way. 

Nevertheless, there is one more dimension of our society. It doesn’t matter if you’re well-read, ethical or not but if you have an abundance of wealth, your job is done – congrats! you’re a successful person for society and without putting any effort, you are entitled to regard prestige, power and whatnot! 

Our materialistic success is evaluated and certified by the Chartered Accountants and Income Tax departments for the endeavours we undertake. Moreover, our lifestyle aids in flaunting our materialistic prosperity. As a matter of fact, anything which is measured or calculated is bound to change, however, there is something that without any change gives an inarticulate feeling to our soul – read on to know what that special thing is…

As human beings, the outer structure of surviving in this world is perfectly designed, but:

  • Is this all about how one should be in this world or there is something beyond it?
  • Is this what matters to you as an individual or there is a longing for something in your heart?
  • Is this how you see ‘Success’?
  • Do you think societal conditioning is enough for the full blooming of human existence?
  • What would be your interpretation of real success?

Well, to exist in this world, we are bound to live as per the set societal norms, however, there is something that is exclusively related to oneself and it comes from within. Something that saves us from depending on or hiring people to validate our existence or status in society. It is our non-tangible pleasant experiences that are solely observed by us because it is something that matters to us.

What matters to you may or may not earn you materialistic success but one thing is for sure, it dawns a subtle feeling of joy and contentment in your heart, energising and empowering your inner being. It can be a small gesture of:

  • Serving food, education, medical aid, and moral and financial support to the unprivileged people.
  • Elevating someone’s state of mind by becoming a guide to them and bringing clarity to their lives.
  • Contributing to the education of those who deserve and yearn for it and yet can’t afford it.
  • Sharing a sincere appreciation for someone’s good deeds to encourage their spirit.
  • An honest expression or confession of love to someone you care for.
  • Being with nature, understanding the innocence and magnificence of cosmic configuration.
  • Surrounding yourself with children and learning from their way of being. 
  • Exploring and going after any of your creative interest or hobby that deeply lies in your heart.
  • Donating blood once in a while for unknown people to survive their lives and so on. 

There are infinite ways wherein one can reach out and relieve those in need or do something for self-improvement and fulfilment. Trust me, such experiences are beyond comprehension but the joy you feel within your heart is over and above any materialistic feat.

A thorough understanding of life is when we invest our time and energy in doing what matters to us and real success is when a deep sense of contentment and joy is experienced within our hearts. 
Close your eyes, take a long breath and ask yourself if your success lies in societal validations or what matters to you.