Leah Light is a published author and empathic healer. Leah has been teaching meditation and healing circles since the early ’90s. She has served as a guest speaker and reader at many Body-Mind-Spirit Expos over the years. Leah’s books contain personal stories, interwoven with bits of wisdom and self-healing tools gained along the way. She makes her home in the Wine Country area of the Willamette Valley south of Portland, Oregon, and helps her husband, Harold, run a home-based Bed & Breakfast.

Leah Light’s background and inspiration for her spiritual work are detailed in this article:  Living the Life of a Goat in Sheep’s Clothing, by Leah Light, ©2007.

The health and wellness benefits of meditation are well known. Besides calming the mind and body, meditating regularly can lead to a spiritual practice wherein one connects more deeply with inner wisdom. 

Unfortunately, meditation is not a practice that comes easily to Western culture, where the conscious mind rules the day. Achievement seems to be valued above all else. People go about their busy lives, constantly do-do-doing. But the fact is that we are human beings, not human doings. Powering through without pausing to rest and reflect ultimately leads to stress, exhaustion, and burnout.  

Meditation can be simple; it need not require hours and hours of effort. Indeed, Trying to “achieve” a meditative state is antithetical, like screaming for silence!  However, most of us possess “monkey minds” that are accustomed to being in charge. Over-active minds are not inclined to take a back seat without a fight. The more you seek to empty the mind and calm the body, the more fidgety both can become.

Rather than getting into a power struggle with the “monkey mind,” its frenetic energy can be harnessed and redirected via guided imagery meditation. Like entertaining a squirmy toddler, giving the conscious mind a job to do directs pent-up energy into a constructive outlet. This can be done by picturing a beautiful scene from nature and bringing to mind elements that are pleasing to the senses. These might include lovely sounds such as the babbling of a brook or roar of the ocean, the taste and scent of salt air, and by imagining the feel of rich textures like warm sand or a cool wind against your face. There are plenty of effective pre-recorded guided imagery meditations out there for the asking. Youtube has a large selection and is a good place to start. After picking out a favorite, all you have to do is kick back and listen to the soothing voice of the narrator and enjoy. 

DIY guided imagery meditation is another way. This requires a bit of multi-tasking. For this reason, It may come easy to you if you are female, the traditional multi-taskers. And if you’re a mom, you should be a natural at it! This method entails employing one part of the mind (the thinker or analytical side) to create the imagery, while the other part (creative or intuitive mind) relaxes into quietude. It’s a good way to access the subconscious mind and the dream state, short of taking a nap. 

Listening to soft music will further enhance the experience. Youtube is also a good resource for the kind of meditation music in which you can add your own guided imagery. Some of the music is recorded with different vibrational frequencies or megahurts (Hz). “Normal” everyday music is recorded at 440 Hz. By changing to another frequency (many of which are labeled in the Youtube selections) you can try on different kinds until one feels right. We are all different, and what might suit one person may not feel right to another. Plus individual needs vary from time to time with different situations. For example, healing from surgery or illness might take a different frequency than helping you work through major transitions like a job change or divorce. Let your intuition be your guide. My overall favorite is 432 Hz.

Other tools such as lighting a candle for ambiance, or holding clearing crystals such as clear quartz or amethyst can be conducive to relaxing and letting go. Running a diffuser with soothing essential oils is also a popular choice. 

As with anything, meditation gets easier with practice. Even brief meditations can have significant benefits. Taking just five or ten minutes to slow down and turn inward slows the heart rate, evens out the breathing, and calms a frazzled nervous system. As previously mentioned, it can also connect you with the subconscious mind for inner guidance, the best source of wisdom since it is tailored specifically to you. Never mind asking your doctor, ask yourself if meditation is right for you!

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