Life Poem seeking the answer to why we exist.

Where we came from, where are we going?
Why we came here, when are we going?

Why is the water flowing, why is the sun glowing?
Why is the heart beating, why is the mind thinking?

Is this is real or just the illusion of mind?
How is the soil creating life, why is the moon interested in tides?

Why is earth round, why space has no sound?
Why trees grow on ground, what is up, what is down?

Where is time, where is me, what is mine?
Why we die, why we feel bad when we lie?

Why are we talking, not quite,
what is wrong, what is right?

Why water has no color,
why clouds make sound when they meet each other?

If this is a game, what to win, what to lose?
If this not a game, why to win, why to lose?

If you know the answer, you haven’t asked the right question.

If you ask the right question you will never know the answer.

This is a life poem I wrote during my initial days of the encounter with the world of spirituality and my quest to find the answer to the meaning of life.

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