The meaning of life is a fundamental question for every one of us. When we dive into the question of ‘what is the meaning of life,’ it opens up many dimensions of our existence. We are all curious to find the answers on what is the meaning of life / what is the meaning of our existence, but we are not seeing the beauty of this question. There are many answers to this question at the current stage, and it will be many more as we evolve. However, none will satisfy you for good.
If you want to know the truth about the meaning of life, you have to start working on yourself and inquire Who am I? Eventually, you will find the answer on what is the meaning of life. Self-inquiry is the only way to find out the answer to our existence.

Origin of life


Who we are and what is our origin?

Who we are? Or what is the origin of our life? Is the most important and mystical question for all human beings. It is one similar question to the meaning of life. There are many speculations and thesis available on the internet and in the library about our origin of life. When we ask this question to ourselves for a while we shift our senses to the meditative stage and realized why we exist? The second question that pops up is what is the origin of our life, from where we have arrived and where are we heading for why? There are a lot of books and case studies that are published on the Origin of life but none justifies our answer.

Before I present you any theory, please note, that it is required that you should have a vivid sense of imagination with an open mind and acceptance with an immense faith to believe in our existence.

There is a theory and a term named what we are known as ‘Human Erectus’ evolved in the African continent around 2,00,000 years ago and is continuing now to emerge as an Evolutionary Process.

Although there are many aspects to finding the origin of life, for example, from Biological and Geological perspectives. Let’s take it from a Biological point, for now, if we want to find the origin of life, then first we have to find how Water is found because we are nearly 70% of water and it is said that first life was found in water. Modern scientist refers to the origin of life as the kind of chemical reaction between molecules with the help of geological actions.

Rather than going into any speculation or mythology theory, let’s understand biologically which will make sense for everyone to understand and relate to.

According to ‘Homo Sapiens book by Yuva Noval Harari, around 14 billion years ago, Matter, energy, time, and space came into being, which is known as Big Bang, the huge explosions, which has a complex structure called Atoms, which then combined into molecules.

About 4 billion years ago, certain molecules combined to form a large and intrinsic structure called organisms, which is referred to as Biology. That is the place, where we can say we started evolving consciously.

When temperature cooled down after the big bang explosions, Earth and many other planets were formed and there were only Water Vapors and other chemicals on the surface of Earth with no atmosphere. With the help of UV rays from the Sun, the atmosphere was formed and with certain chemical reactions within the molecule, Life begins. Life meaning has come into existence.

Do we know the origin of life? Yes, probably. However, we are not sure that what we know is the correct life meaning. We are believing the result is created or generated and researched by us. One has to have a very calm mind to understand the mechanism of the philosophy of life. There are many doubts when we walk on this path to find the answer to the meaning of living.

What is the true meaning of Life?

There is no true meaning in life. We have to give the meaning and make it true. Everyone has their story and they give importance to life and life meaning. There is no such divine fixed meaning of life, and that is the beauty of the Divine or a creator of the Universe, we are free to give whatever life meaning we want to give to our existence. If you are religious, you will follow your religious meaning and live accordingly, same goes for Atheists, they have their meaning of not believing anything. Each one of us creates our philosophy of life. Intellectuals and Doctorates have their philosophy of life and life meaning, they think that is the true meaning of life. Watch closely your life and occurrences of your life and try to find your purpose in life. Take time, have patience, and don’t conclude on any philosophy of life vigorously, you will know the answer.

What is life all about?

First and foremost, Life is all about survival. Some of us, add value in life by helping others. When we add meaning to lives, we discover life-living meaning, which helps us prosper in our way of living and others.

We are lucky to have the benefits of life as conscious beings. We as conscious beings have a full capacity of creating our philosophy of life and purpose in life.


Origins and final destination of the universe

The Universe is made of nothing. There is 70% of Dark matter in the Universe which is unknown and probably can be never known. There is no destination for Universe, it is the Anant (It was there before the Big bang and it will be there forever) however, the galaxies and stars will bear and die. They have their limitation.

Different Philosophies related to the meaning of life

There are many popular views regarding the meaning of life / Purpose of life. There are scientists, Astrophysics, Spiritual Masters, Religious gurus, and Celebrities who have their philosophies of life. If you want to know different philosophies of life, visit www.goodqn.com Read them and don’t settle with anyone. Be in the Quest of this question of what is the purpose of life. There are several books available on market from scholars and Spiritual masters on the Meaning of living however, the outcome of all is you discover your meaning of life.


What are the Different religious philosophies?

According to the Buddhism philosophy of life, the purpose of life is to be happy and spread happiness. Dalai Lama once said. “I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. From the very core of our being, we desire contentment. In my own limited experience I have found that the more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our sense of well-being. Cultivating a close, warmhearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the principal source of success in life. Since we are not solely material creatures, it is a mistake to place all our hopes for happiness on external development alone. The key is to develop inner peace.

The life meaning is to dive inside ourselves to find our true nature of Awareness. The combination of our Awareness and Compassion within ourselves gives meaning to every action we take. Mastering yourself over your mind is the best exercise one can follow to lead on a spiritual path.

Western, East Asian Philosophies

According to Osho‘s philosophy of life, there is no meaning of life and no purpose in life. Life is purposeless. If you think you are here for any meaning or purpose and any barriers are stopping you, then I say drop those barriers, and be here. Life is in this moment. Life has no meaning that’s why it is so beautiful Hindus (Indian Culture) called it Leela- a play, and the moment you are ready to play you are enlightened. You are already that which you are trying to be the more you try the more you will miss.

Life is a meaningless play of infinite forces beautiful if you don’t have an achiever’s mind. Don’t try to do something, to be something, to become something in such a process you will miss the life. Drop the future, just be still here, this moment is eternity.

Swami Sarvapriyananda is a Hindu monk and a follower of Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda’s ordinance. He is an Advait Vedanta scholar. According to Sarvapriyananda’s philosophy of life, there is no logical answer to the meaning of life. Further, he adds it is not a mystery to solve, it’s an appearance to be experienced. It is like asking the cause for casualty, it’s the illusion. You will never find the importance of life until you Meditate and walk on a Spiritual path.

According to Freud, the meaning of life is an illusion in itself. People search for life meaning while they don’t see the importance of the present moment. It is our mind, which defines the meaning and meaningless. It all has to play with the conscious and subconscious minds. Our human minds drive for Pleasure, so we go in search of the importance of life. Life is meaningless in itself.

According to Alan Watt‘s philosophy of life, the meaning lies in being totally in the present moment. The present is always changing, the future is never there and we can never be in the past, so all that we can be in and have the control of Present. Being engaged completely in what we are doing in the present moment does not mean taking things very seriously. Alan articulates that instead of calling it “work”, one should realize it’s a play. As Krishna – The Hindu God in Bhagwad Gita – The most famous Hindu Scripture Said “This universe is my Leela (Play of Life)”

According to Sam Harris‘s philosophy of life, the meaning of life is to be human without any fear. We should be practical and know that we are not immortal here, so stop biding the rituals that have been given to us by our ancestors.

We have to be honest and kind to everyone in life. Life meaning should be created by helping others. We are always living in the past and future, we don’t realize that it’s just an illusion, not a real thing, factual is the present moment, and we got to define the present moment by living it fully. We can only create meaning in our life by living in the present moment. Be helpful, kind, and compassionate to everyone you meet, and stop asking for love rather than start sharing the love.
We have to be aware of our life and raise our consciousness level. Once you are conscious of your life, you will find meaning in each moment. Being Conscious should be the goal of life.

According to Jim Carrey‘s philosophy of life, Jim identifies that there is no dual nature life is not happening to you it’s happening for you. Thoughts can make you feel terrible, so be conscious of what you are thinking. We only experience the feelings through the senses we have been gifted, we have to look beyond those senses which are where the answer to life is. Accepting Adversity and dealing in the most constructive ways will lead you to a new dimension of your selves. It will take you on the journey of Who am I?

There is no point in looking further or back in life, the best moment is the “Moment of Now.” Tell the Universe what you want to manifest and work hard on it while letting go of how shall it comes to pass. I certainly believe in manifesting power but to me, it doesn’t matter whether it works or not. There is more beyond this, which is supreme or divine or energy whichever name you want to give.

Gratitude and Love are the seeds of life. Nourish them and Grow as much as you can, it will blossom in a spiral shape as we call nature. Consciously choose Gratitude and Love over fear. You don’t have to be religious to have faith.

According to Carl Jung’s philosophy of life, the life meaning and purpose of life of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of a mere being. He combines psychiatrist and psychoanalyst theory and founded analytical psychology – it is a new empirical science of the psyche. The main purpose of the research was to find the method to access, experience, and compound unconscious elements into awareness. It is an architect for the meaning of behaviors, feelings, and events. He further studied altering consciousness and how to be aware of oneself. One of my favorite quotes from Carl Jung – is “There is no coming to consciousness without a pain.”

What is the ultimate truth, and what will you achieve by understanding the meaning of life?

The ultimate truth is there is no meaning of life, life is meaningless. However, we all should have one meaning of life to sustain our lives. We can create our life meaning, define it and live with it. There is no universal or generalized meaning for anyone. There are many ways to identify the true meaning of life. The most prominent way is the Spiritual way through the practice of Meditation. Through Constant practice of Meditation for a certain period, one can realize the cause of meaning for his life. Meditation helps in changing the neural pattern of thoughts and makes you more aware of everything. Once the Awareness is awakened, you start seeing things differently and your mind starts working to find the meaning in different aspects. When you are aware, you realized the value of your existence which helps to shrink your ego (the mind) which is the pathway to finding the meaning of your life. It requires discipline in practicing Meditation. According to Nietzsche, ‘He who has why can bear how?’

Why should you find the meaning of life?

Life Meaning is not optional. It is an instinct of life. If there is no meaning of life, there is no spirit in life. Understanding the meaning of life will give the sense to live life consciously. A person without any purpose of life can become crazy and can be dangerous to society. One must have the meaning of life. It is how life functions or our mind functions, the mind needs a reason for everything to perform. This is how our neural pattern is designed. Without any reason or meaning, the mind becomes ruthless. A person without meaning might fall into depression and end up doing Suicide. Finding the meaning of life is to sustain your nobility in life. Having life meaning is like having reason to wake up from bed on a terrible day. We have to accept the burden of our life and act voluntarily, and we will see the meaning will be created for us. Depression and Suffering are the stages in life where we have choices to create the meaning of life the way we want. Take charge and be a soldier of it and create one.

Spiritual Books are also one of the ways to identify the meaning of life.

The importance of life is to have Gratitude to the unknown (The God) that you are a conscious being and lucky to feel the Awareness. One has to practice Spirituality in daily life to distinguish what is valuable in life.

What is the Purpose of Life? Why are we here?

There is no purpose of life, life is purposeless. It has been purposeless ever and it will be ever. There is no reason we are here, it is just the fact per se that we are here, and no theory can justify it. According to Hindu Scripture, the Bhagavad Gita, we are part of Leela (the play of God) and the duty we can perform is to observe this play.

We are not living here by our choice, we are part of the play, led by the unknown (the creator). We are part of the evolutionary process, in which we are realizing the Awareness or the consciousness level of our existence. We are the species gifted with intelligence to realize the grandeur of Nature, we should be thankful more and more for letting us feel this human life experience.

We are constantly evolving biological perfection. It is an ongoing process. According to the University of California, if we do ‘SambhaviMudra’ for three months on daily basis, our mind becomes more alert and smart as we grow by age. Western culture believes in Darwin’s theory of Evolution for our biological growth. However, the same theory has been established twelve thousand years ago by Adiyogi. According to Hindu Scriptures, there are many Avatars (forms) in biological evolution.

There are many books, literature, scriptures, videos, and Spiritual Gurus to possess knowledge about Spiritual life. The best is the Vedas and Upanishads, you will find all the answers over there, and you can question whatever you are struggling with. You will be wise with the power of Vedas and Upanishads.


There is no such thing as a conclusion, Nature is infinite and we are a part of Nature. The conclusion means the end of something which has a limitation, Nature is limitless, and we are limitless. Nature can never be concluded in anything, it’s an infinitely ongoing process.

Be Pure, Be Kind and be helpful to everyone.