You have encountered the impossible, not because you can’t find the answer but because you won’t find the answer.

Life – Everything that exists inside you and outside you.

Purpose and Meaning – why does everything inside and outside exist.

We ask this question because we see existence all around us and wonder where it all came from and where it is all going, who created it, and most importantly why it was created.

This is the most interesting question and at the same time is the most absurd question. Let me tell you every answer you will find or come up with will be both interesting and totally absurd.

“Maybe it is not about finding the purpose or knowing the meaning, it is about beginning to get what you think is the purpose is not the purpose”

Subhash Trivedi

Will you ever find the true purpose and meaning of life?

  • Probably never, but it is worth the try to experience and cherish everything you touch in this quest.

Should you not ask this question?

  • You absolutely should.

How can no one know the answer?

  • Most think they know the answer and it may be true for them because it is working for them. But for you either you need to believe in one of those answers or find your own or choose to be in the quest forever.

“Not the answer but the question will help you expand beyond your limited self, the one you think is ‘ YOU ‘ .”

Subhash Trivedi