Naval Ravikant is an Indian American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList. He is a dedicated practitioner of Meditation.

He appeared on Joe Rogan Podcast and was highly rated across television mediums. He is straight and married to an American girl. He is a very energetic, enthusiastic, and positive attitude person by nature. He also does philanthropy work across the globe.

He has invested in more than 200 fortune companies, and he also runs podcasts where he gives suggestions on health and wealth. His firm helps in funding the startups to boost their business.

As of the 2021 record, Naval’s total net worth is around $60 million.

On the meaning of life Naval Says:

Most great questions have paradoxical answers. How do we matter in this boundary less universe? You are alone as well as at the same time you are connected to everything in this universe.

When we ask the question, ‘Do we matter?’ the answer to it is ‘We are nothing, and We are everything’.

The question Meaning of life or Purpose of life and all its paradoxical answers are actually very useful because they help us get deep understanding and gets closer to peace in our life.”

He says that we all have to do hard things, to create our own meaning in life and this world (our current reality) just reflects our own feelings back to us. The ultimate reality is completely neutral.

Eric Jorgenson, the author of his blog asked the question “What is the Meaning of life, or a Purpose of life”? to Naval and to which he wrote:

Our meaning or purpose is personal to us. We have to find our own meaning and purpose of life. Any piece of knowledge anybody else gives us, whether it’s Enlightened Buddha or Lord Krishna or your very successful neighbor, is going to sound to you like nonsense. Fundamentally, we have to find it for ourselves, so the most important is the question and not the answer. You just have to dig with the question. It might take years or decades. When you create your own answer and you feel complete with your creation, it will be fundamental to your life.

It’s like trying to write on water or trying to build a house with sand. The reality is you have been dead for the history of the Universe, more than 10 billion years. You will be dead for the next 70 billion years or more, until the death of this Universe.

Anything we do will fade. It will disappear, just like we humans will disappear and this planet earth will disappear. Even the group that will colonize Mars will disappear. No one is going to remember you or me past a certain number of our generations, whether you’re an entrepreneur, famous artist, a renowned poet, a king or queen, a poor person, or just anyone else. There’s no meaning.

We have to create our own meaning of life or a purpose of life, which is what it all boils down to. We have to decide:

“Is this a stage play that I’m just watching?”

“Is this a so-called “self-actualization” dance I’m doing?”

“Is there anything specific that I desire?”

These are all meanings we make up.

“There is no fundamental, intrinsic purposeful meaning to the Universe. If there was, then you would just ask the next question. You’d say, Why is that the meaning?”


HOW TO GET RICH: (without getting lucky)

Author: Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi



This book is a masterpiece of advice for everyone who is struggling to get success. It has the reality of the real world. Naval puts the experience of his journey into how he reached the level where he is now from a business point of view. He offers genuine advice for everyone to get healthy and wealthy in life. 


According to Naval, the question of what the meaning of life is more interesting than the answers. He asks everyone to explore themselves, it will be fascinating how the answers will come. We have to make up our answers, that’s the beauty of this question. There is no single answer for a single person either. Our life is a single-player game, our experiences, emotions, and feelings are with us, and we have to deal with ourselves.
About : Naval explains how a 9 to 5 schedule of work messes up our life. Money will solve the external problems but it isn’t going to solve your internal problems.
About: Naval quotes Osho saying – ‘No ones gonna remember you until the death of the universe’. Stop finding the meaning of life and start enjoying the question which comes with you. There is no fundamental answer for this question because if you had an answer there will be another question starting with WHY?
About: Everything is about un-conditioning our habits and thinking to be happy. Happiness is the choice. The whole charge is within and up to you, only you can change yourself no one else can. We have to change our programming mindset to be happy. Being happy is the behavior of the soul, embrace it.
About: Naval suggestion for overcoming depression is practicing Meditation and watching your thoughts all day long. It’s the normal mind that talks much inside, not a monk mind.
About: Naval explains the Compound Interest concept deeply through how we can manage our life the way we want for the future.


“Most of life is a search for who and what needs you the most.”

Naval Ravikant

“No one is going to value you more than you value yourself.”

Naval Ravikant

“A busy calendar and a busy mind will destroy your ability to create anything great.”

Naval Ravikant

“You have one life. You’re dead for tens of billions of years, and you’re going to be dead for tens of billions of years.”

Naval Ravikant

“Happiness is more about peace than it is about joy.”

Naval Ravikant

You have to do hard things to create your own meaning in life.”

Naval Ravikant

“To measure the quality of your life, simply do nothing, and see how it feels.”

Naval Ravikant

“You have to do hard things to create your own meaning in life.”

Naval Ravikant

“When looking for a purpose to life, notice that most things are stepping stones, done for ulterior motives. True art, love, and play stand apart, as they are done for their own sakes.”

Naval Ravikant

“To measure the quality of your life, simply do nothing, and see how it feels.”

Naval Ravikant

“Live the life you want other people to live.”

Naval Ravikant

“If you can’t see yourself working with someone for life, don’t work with them for a day.”

Naval Ravikant

“Ego is false confidence, self-respect is true confidence.”

Naval Ravikant

“Given that the main function of universities these days is filtering and signaling, the best move is to get admitted to Stanford and then drop out.”

Naval Ravikant

“Play long-term games with long-term people. All returns in life, whether in wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from compound interest.”

Naval Ravikant


Is Naval Ravikant a genius?

Yes, indeed Naval is a genius. He comes from a poor background and the way he developed his life is tremendously remarkable. 

Is Naval Ravikant spiritual?

Naval is indeed is a spiritual person and follows Charles Darwin. He widely admired the work of Darwin and promotes his books ‘The Origin of Species’

Is Naval Ravikant Buddhist?

Naval certainly believes in the essence of Buddhism. He implies Buddhism principles of being kind, humble, compassionate in his business. 

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