If we are in a Matrix, here is what I think is happening. Like a video game, there are levels and at each level, you get more hooked into thinking you are going to be done with the game and this level is the last one for the day. But somehow in just a few seconds, you can not resist playing the next level of the game, scrolling the LinkedIn feed, or watching the next episode on Netflix of your favorite show.

It means the link has been established, you have put the link in place without even being aware of it, the Program from the Matrix is now going to make sure you play the next level of the game, even when you know from somewhere deep inside that this playing of the next level of scrolling of the feed is against your “Will”.

This decision against your “Will” happens because you now are completely in control of “matrix programs”, let us call this Program “Agent Smith”, you will get what I mean by Agent Smith if you are a Matrix Movie fan like me or have at least watched it once.

Well if the Program looks anything like that, we have got the best one coming after.

Attachment and Detachment

It is the most sought-after myth that once you have achieved the level of complete detachment, you are proscribed from its impact on your mind and soul. This is also done by the program, the program forces you to believe that your freedom from attachment is dependent on you going away from material things or people in your life.

It happens only when believe you are spiritually awakened. I am assuming you think you are or on the journey to be awakened. If you think you are not, there is a paragraph for you at the end of this article, read it later, not now.

The Program – Agent Smith keeps you in the matrix by making you feel your freedom is a result of un-linking “You” from everything other than you. That’s the trick and while you get busy un-linking, “Agent Smith” – the program” partners up with another matrix program “the time”. Now both Agent Smith and Mr. Time keep you in the Matrix, making you feed your energy in hope of some time in the future when there will be No Links (no attachments). The truth is there are “No Links”.

Now zoom out for a minute and see what happened ALL THIS TIME with you. I literally mean ALL THIS TIME before you completed reading the last paragraph.

You spent all your life until now either linking (attaching) or un-linking (detaching). And now you know there are No Links. Hold this moment and experience the knowing of “You” that never had or will have any Links to anything or any person.

the scene from the movie matrix
If you could see the Matrix, that’s how those programs running on you would look like.

Continue reading only if you have really “Gotten by” what has been explained above. If not, read it again or leave it here.

——– The END for Most ———

In The Matrix, who is Neo talking to on the phone at the end of the movie?  - Quora
This is not the end, the debugging has just begun. Hold Tight!

The knowledge that there are “No Links” already exists in the world, you have known it in different ways. Here are a few words that very closely reflect what I mean by “No Links”:

  1. We are one: nothing attached or detached, just one.
  2. Brahman: the supreme existence or absolute reality.
  3. Krishna: “everything emanates from me.” (Here “me” is “You”)

On the contrary, there are words you are aware of as being sacred and believed to be the way to be awakened, these words and methods are embraced by the society of most who call themselves spiritual and have made detachment the purpose of life.

But according to my theory in this article, these words below are just the different names of the same Agent Smith Program:

  1. Nirvana: a transcendent state of being in which there is no suffering, no desire, no sense of self, and “you” the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth.
  2. Moksha: complete liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth, also called as “Samsara”.
  3. Heaven: a place or state where the souls of the righteous await resurrection and the final judgment.
  4. Karma: the process of the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

I wonder what program is making me write this article. Some Friend of Agent Smith or Deus Ex Machina itself. If you ever come to know, hit me at hello@goodqn.com.

That’s how I must be looking hooked on the Matrix that made me write this article.

If you understand this article, close your eyes for ten seconds. If you did not understand or disagree but still read this long article, I want to give you a big hug and a sincere thank you. Now you can close this page and move on to be hacked by some program of the Matrix, maybe not linking or un-linking but the Program for polishing the links (those which does not exist) or thinking about how to un-link from the “others” that which is not “you” (the “other” that does not exist).

Created Definitions:

  1. Will: A Program that is not part of the Matrix.
  2. Mind: A Firmware on which Matrix runs all its Programs.
  3. Soul: The energy source, that the Matrix is after.
  4. Time: The Program created my Matrix to give us the illusion of contunity.


For those who think they are in a waking state but not awakened.

If you think you are in a waking state and not awakened, “the program” makes you believe that attachment (links with others) is your responsibility or in other way attachments are necessary for your survival and so all that time you are busy establishing new links like friends, business, money, house, car, marriage, parents, kids, and many more.

Discover You. Love All.