It was the year 2017 and I was in Orlando, FL. when I first spiritually inquired about the world of “Awareness”. The question was “What is Awareness?” and “What it means to be not aware of what’s around you?”. I thank that day of my life, every day in my life.

Though my spiritual journey began with the question of Awareness, it did not stop there. I soon encountered 100’s of questions for which I did not have any answers and when I went looking for the answers none satisfied the curiosity of my intellectual mind.

I kept wandering all around the world with my questions, asked everyone I met, read all the books I found, watched the videos I was recommended, and studied the scriptures that were told to have answers from the Gods. Every time I asked such a question, people said “GOOD QUESTION”, that’s what inspired me for the name of the website.

To my surprise, I found all the questions I asked had not one but many answers. These answers were distinct viewpoints of people looking at the same question differently or asking the same question from a different standpoint, allowing them to come up with unique perspectives and answers.

I created GOOD QUESTION ( to bring together all those unique and different perspectives from well-known and not-so-well-known and anonymous personalities. I will cover only the most fundamental questions of the universe. I have begun with the question meaning of life and will continue to add more questions in the future.