Enlightenment is the state of mind, it is when the mind experiences that which is beyond the mind. In this state of mind, one can walk the path of life and participate in the happenings of nature without experiencing the struggle.

Enlightenment is not a place to reach, it is the place to come from. It is the state to derive your actions and inaction from all without being significant and influenced by the outcome.

If you think you are enlightened, that’s your mind playing tricks with you. If you think you are not Enlightened, that’s your mind again playing tricks with you. The Real Enlightenment is not a question, it is a quest. It’s a lens to look at everything that’s happening inside you and outside you. You can put up and put down your lens and the same happenings will appear and give completely different experiences.

If you want to experience the state of Enlightenment, stop looking for it because it’s looking for you. More like if you run behind a butterfly, it will run away from you but when you are still, it will come and sit on you.

Spiritual practices alone can not Enlighten you, it requires a deep thirst of curiosity for an adult human to question, reason, and explore the happenings in physical or metaphysical forms around him. It also requires challenging your own beliefs that make you “You”.

It’s when you consciously choose to put an end to Yourself.

Yourself here means those thoughts, emotions, memories, and experiences that define “You”.

Enlightenment does not guarantee happiness but it does guarantee the disappearance of resistance to circumstances that trigger unpleasant emotions within you. Taking it one step forward, Enlightenment equips you to hover over those unpleasant emotions without letting your true self (soul) come in contact with the effect of those emotions.

It is the light that makes a human see all happenings as just happenings and not as their view of the happenings. This is the state of mind which is addressed as Enlightenment.

Why should one pursue enlightenment?

One should not pursue Enlightenment, remember running behind the butterfly, requires you to be still for the butterfly to come to you.


To pursue means to act consciously to possess something. On the contrary, the path to Enlightenment requires very little action and a lot of inaction. Consciously choosing to not act on what your mind asks you to act upon and thus establishing command over your mind and driving its power to explore that which is beyond Mind.

Enlightenment for most in today’s world happens by accident. People are only looking for a path to happiness or success, others looking to get rid of the pain or looking for peace of mind.

They are not looking to get Enlightened. But sometimes on the path, they happen to experience the state of my mind that enables them to experience that which is beyond mind, thus by accident experience Enlightenment.

For many the experience of enlightenment is short and it is soon taken over by the happenings around them to which they are too attached to let go.

For those whose experience stays and they still are unable to let go of what they are attached to, the experience of Enlightenment is bitter and they develop what can be termed as Anti-Enlightenment Infection.

Infection here means the experience of Enlightenment stays but it’s not a pleasant experience and the person wants his or her memory to scrub all the knowledge gained through the experience so they can once again experience a regular life in a regular way.

If you are in pursuit of Enlightenment, drop it now. Instead, start looking at everything inside you and outside you with curiosity, enquiring about the meaning of life. Let the urge to know rise within you, so that “You” are prepared to pay the price, the price is to let go of your beliefs and learnings from the world.

Without Enlightenment your perception of life is limited to the strength and perception of your bodily senses, with Enlightenment you can perceive life beyond the limitations of your senses, this can be done by practicing Pure Consciousness which is not connected to memory.

When you practice Pure Consciousness you experience life as Leela – the play of life and you no more walk on the path of life with fear and instead experience complete freedom in every action and inaction with no significance of the outcome.

This is where the logic ends and life begins!

What are the intrinsic qualities of an enlightened soul?

A lot has been said on this topic and 99% of what has been said is completely false. This has happened because people have alloyed the qualities of enlightened beings with the behavioral characteristics of a good human being, “good” here means commendable behavior in most societies. Most of what is written is an outer expression of what others observe and not what is internal to those who experience enlightenment.

People talk about being compassionate, loving, caring, kind, happy, peaceful, patient, and humble as the characteristics of enlightened beings which I disagree with. Not that enlightened beings do not possess these characteristics but these characteristics are not the outcome of their being enlightened, these are characteristics of a good human being who is in good mental, physical and ontological space.

Enlightened beings do not do things differently, they experience things differently, their experiences are not external, they are internal.

The foremost quality of Enlightened souls is that they are Aware, which is also called Being Conscious or Acting Consciously. Conscious acting is the power of your soul holding the command over your mind and body. One can only act consciously by realizing that the world is the mirror image of yourself. You are the pure consciousness appearing to be everything you perceive.

The Enlightened being even though he or she holds all kinds of social positions, does not get trapped in the positions or possessions; he is able to act consciously, without identifying or attaching himself to the Game of existence. 

Another quality of Enlightened souls is that they play their role in the world like an actor does on stage. For those who think there is something wrong, there is nothing wrong with the play and nothing wrong with the role you are playing. The problem only arises when one forgets that they are acting and identify with the role itself.

The moment people perceive that there is a reality separate from them, they lose their experience as a creator and become a victim of their own creation. While the play of life manifests itself with all its theatrical madness, only Enlightened beings can thrive with grace and a smile on their face in all circumstances by acting consciously.

The apparent hostility, unfairness, violence, vandalism, and injustice in the world are precious elements to teach the art of acting consciously while remaining whole and complete inside. The ability to transcend your freedom from all your attachments and desires comes only when you have completely learned to act consciously.

Enlightened souls don’t look for god or interfere with the happenings of others, they live in the moment knowing who they are and what they are truly committed to. They interfere as little as possible with the events of others and practice patience, by turning inward and being still and silent. They observe themselves in silence and reap more benefits than any choice, decision, or action they experience in the outside world.

People would derive greater benefits if instead of seeking the truth outside, they discovered the creator within themselves. Acting without significance or attachment to the outcome is the liberating moment in time that frees the individual from his or her own Karma.

Another way to look at the world is that there is no karma and no previous life, no reward and no punishment, no afterlife or universal judgment, and no hell or heaven. There is only this ‘Now’, Use it Consciously! 

Enlightenment is a high state of being that requires the elimination of the resistance to happenings around you, both good and bad, it is attainable only by men of WORD who impeccably practice Conscious Acting.