Life is governed by two dimensions, Energy and Information. In simpler words, Information is the software of life that is stored in the memory. This memory (information) governs the design of the being, what we essentially call the characteristics or properties of the being.

From the time you were born till this time, the kind of family members, friends, the things that you saw and did, every thing influence you. Every emotion, thought, action and inaction comes from the past impressions that you have had within you. Those impressions decide who you are right now. The very way you think, feel, experience and understand life is just the way you have assimilated all the inputs till now.

The impressions of your life go far beyond the time you were born, but in your perception right now, at least from the time you were born till today, what kind of parents, friends, education, exposure to places and culture you had, what kind of religious and social background – all these has contributed into your impressions. Someone has become a different and unique character simply because of the type of information that has gotten into him or her through their impressions, this information is called karma.

Karma essentially refers to action and in more depth, it’s the account of your actions.

Like a game, you get [+] Plus One when you do the right thing and [-] Minus One when you do the wrong thing. The right and wrong here are in the context of the game and not the ultimate or real right and wrong.

Now the point to get here is this game and its system of points only make sense until you play the game as a player. Like the game is one entity and you (the player) are another entity.

This experience alters once you realize that you are the creator of the game and that the game existed inside you before you took it out and gave it a name and some sort of physical form that is separate from you.

So once you realize you are the creator of what you are experiencing in this universe, the universe – that which came out of you, you are no more bonded or bound by the rules and rewards of the game. If I take the liberty to over-simplify, it essentially means once you realize you are “The Brahman” you break the boundaries of Karma and it no more has any effect on you.