This is a question that most humans face at some point in their life, most ignore and move on but some decide to find the answer. Even those who decide to find the answer, give up on the way. The question What is the truth? comes in different forms: what is the purpose of life? Is there a god? Who is the creator? Why are we here? and so on. 

The ultimate question is: What is the Truth?

Let us first understand what does the word “truth” means? By definition, the “truth” is “the facts about any situation, event, or person”. So now the question is what is REAL? Once a student of a great Indian yogi and philosopher, Muktananda, the founder of Siddha Yoga asked him a question “Master, what is real?”. He replied, 

“What is real is that which never changes.”


Finding the truth can be a race chasing the spiral with no start and no end. As soon as you think you have found the answer, you encounter many more questions and the journey starts all over again. In my experience, this journey to find the truth and meet the real you is the most fascinating journey a human can ever have.

How do we know what is the truth? and what is not?

To understand the difference we must first understand the structure of our being and how we identify ourselves. The very nature of our being is subjective to what is part of YOU and what is NOT YOU. There are three major parts we can divide ourselves into, the soul, the physical body, and the mind

To understand what is true, we need to understand the role of our mind and how it works. Our mind is an invisible part of our body and is said to be the driver of our body, where the soul is the owner of the body. 

Our mind has the power to produce thoughts, imagination, and dreams. It is in charge of processing your feelings and your emotions, resulting in your unique attitudes and life actions. Our mind produces thoughts, interpreted as emotions, feelings, and logic. Thoughts can also be understood as commands from our mind to our body to perform actions. Here is a question for you, can you (your mind) think of something that is not real? If the answer is “Yes” then we know that not everything you think is true. Unfortunately, we do not have an alternative to thoughts and so we must learn to dissect our thoughts to find the truth. 

How to dissect your thoughts?

To learn to dissect your thoughts you must first believe that you and your thoughts are not one. Your mind is producing thoughts and you have the power to control your mind. Once you have established that you are the owner of your mind and you can control it you can start by pausing your thoughts and questioning them, demanding evidence on what your thoughts are trying to make you believe. 

Let us take a life situation where your mind is producing negative thoughts about a person and convincing you that the person is not good for you. You must observe this thought and pause them to ask your mind “how do you know what you know?”. This process of knowing is very pivotal and it requires practice before you start experiencing the effect. You may at first not be able to question your thoughts because thoughts produce emotions and emotions do not let you challenge your thoughts, if so you must only observe and try to resist acting on these thoughts for some time, you will see that the thoughts soon lose power and you have the energy to challenge them and your journey to finding the truth begins.

Role of attachments

One of the biggest hurdles on the path to finding the truth is your attachment. When you are attached to someone or something, you only wish to see what makes you feel happy or what makes you feel right. Whenever you react, it means you are attached. If you like a particular football club and in a final game the other team won and you feel sad this means you are attached to that club and because you are attached your mind is not letting you accept the truth about the game.

You are looking through a lens of “me” – how you think things should be, what you think should or shouldn’t happen – and then reacting when things don’t go according to your plan. If you let go of the attachments, you will enjoy the game no matter which team wins and you will always be happy even when the results are not what you expected them to be. 

Our attachments shape our identity, because of our attachments we identify ourselves with our family, culture, religion, country, and so on. If you let go of your attachments and diminish your identity, you can have a true experience. When your emotions are not triggered by your attachments, you experience things and people the way they are, thus you see the truth and accept it all with love. 

Choose Love

The two base emotions are Love and Fear. The best way to find the truth is to approach all your life situations with love. No matter how tough life situations are, if you send love you will receive love in return. Always choose love over fear, if your mind produces thoughts that make you hate someone, question those thoughts and ask what can happen if you send love to that same person. 

Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite authors, says “you can not give, what you don’t have” that means you can only give what you have and so if you are sending hate to someone that means you have hate inside you. The reason you choose hate is that something did not go the way you wanted it to go and you are not ready to accept the truth. This is because of your attachment with the result you desired. 

Choosing love means accepting the truth. 

Power of Mind

Our mind has the power to produce positive thoughts of love, peace, harmony, joy, fun, creativity. It also has the power to produce negative thoughts of hate, war, anger, agony. Every feeling you experience in your daily life is caused by your thoughts. If you control your mind and only make it produce positive thoughts, you can live a very happy life.

Our mind has the power to imagine and it is a scientific fact that our brain does not understand the difference between reality and imagination. This can be understood when you imagine somebody is hurting you, your body starts getting stiff and preparing for the fightback as if it is really happening or going to happen soon. 

I will not say controlling the mind is an easy thing to do but I will definitely say it is possible if you are determined and understand how it works you can with only a few attempts experience having control over your thoughts. Even when you establish the control it will be lost when you are dealing with things that you are attached to, in that case, you must first try to detach yourself from the outcome of the situation and work with your mind to produce positive thoughts.