Morality implies doing good to others and the self. In a broader sense, it essentially means that our behavior shouldn’t hurt others’ sentiments rather it eases their lives, bringing a sense of peace and contentment to our inner being.

Even though morality exists in the world, however, it is also seen that there’s a tremendous decline over the last couple of decades in the youths. Let’s explore some of the causes of this decline –

1. Corroding of family structure. In Bharat, the joint family structure has become a rarity which was once a common pillar of society to build moral and ethical values in children.

In the Western world too, the increasing divorce graph has put the family on shaky ground, declining the essence of morality from people’s lives.

2. The dilution of Dharmic Teachings and non-adherence to moral and ethical behavior. In Bharat, there was an era where grandparents, parents, and other elders used to follow daily rituals without fail. Like performing Sandhya, Homas, morning and evening pooja, and singing of Bhajans. Reading of Scriptures, Ramayana, and retelling of stories of great Saints, Kings, Queens, and from Puranas. The storytelling has nearly vanished today. Similarly, in the west, the sacred family time has greatly diminished. 

3. The increased greed, consumerism, glorifying individual achievements rather than collective endeavors, the corruption in business and politics…etc give rise to the idea that one must pursue money, fame, wealth, glamour, and glory at all costs…!!! Righteous living  Moral values & Ethics be dammed !!

4. The advancement in Technology has brought a multitude of things within easy reach, be it clothes, gadgets, vehicles, fashion statements, and a hundred such things. We now think of possessing inert things to impress or compete with others, relationships have taken a back seat. 

5. The advent of Television, Computers, Laptops, the Internet, Smartphones, satellites, cheap Data, Social media platforms, and all this software has introduced a plethora of *Selfish Viruses* in people’s minds. Now, more than ever, almost everything seems to be available at the press of a button. People have been attracted to instant gratification. The sweetness of waiting for something seems bitter.

6. The Fast Food culture is also a big contributor to the decline in the value system. Your mind is made from the subtle part of whatever you eat. Sattavik homemade food was the normal diet of all families in Bharat just a few decades ago. The food cooked in hotels, restaurants, and fast food centers is known as Junk Food because the motive behind such food is Profit, not your good health or well-being. When people eat that food, its energy gets absorbed by them which afflicts their minds. On the other hand, a mother, wife, sister, or relative cooking at home takes great care to cook and serve healthy and nourishing food and they cook with Love, the most precious ingredient which makes the food delicious.

7. The lack of a daily routine, the Lethargic lifestyle, no clarity in the minds about the real Goals in life, the lack of good mentoring, and the excessive importance given to one’s likes and dislikes is a deadly combination for the fall of a human being!!

8. No respect for elders, lack of patience, inability to listen carefully, no capacity to take criticism, inability to analyze and understand situations and people around oneself, and disinterested in forging and maintaining long-term friendships are a recipe for social disaster and disillusionment about life in individuals. 

Well, there could be many more reasons but I feel these broadly give an insight into the Question we are seeking to address.