Death – A well-known fact about our physical existence and the matter in the universe which means anything that is born in the Universe is bound to die. Despite the fact that death is inevitable then why do humans fear it? The fear of death also begs the question of why humans don’t strive to discern it and go beyond the nightmares associated with it.

As a matter of fact, our generation exists to be the most comfortable, cognizant, affluent, and powerful generation ever, however, it is also the most vulnerable generation to all sorts of doubts, fears, distractions, insecurities, sufferings, and hollowness. Among all kinds of fears and doubts, it is the fear of death that perturbs human lives the most, therefore, it becomes mandatory to expound it to subjugate it. 

As humans, we are being conditioned in such a way that we presume and identify ourselves to be the body-mind complex. Most humans are well aware of the fact that the mortal body is a composition of five natural elements, i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space and it is prone to age, disease, decay, and death, however, they still get deeply attached to it. It doesn’t matter whether people are aware or unaware of this fact, they still form a permanent relationship with their transient bodies and everything that is associated with it. When people think about death, a fear of losing their attachment or ownership of their bodies, relationships, materialistic stuff, etc. appalls their minds.

The other reason why the very thought of death rattles people’s minds is their unfulfilled desires, responsibilities ahead of them, lack of fulfillment, and not having explored their true calling or meaning in life.

Post-death conditioning is another reason why humans fear death. Many doctrines and dogmas have created a post-death fear in people’s lives driven by which an unknown fear traps their minds. To err is human and knowingly or unknowingly, mistakes do happen by humans and that is when unseen post-death theologies entangle and enslave their minds.

One thing is quite understandable from the above articulations, the fear of death exists nowhere but in human minds, and to conquer this fear one needs to understand the functions of the mind.

We know that any event, good or bad, happens in the empirical world but the question lies in how come we experience them (happenings) in our minds. The events of the external world materialize in our minds through our sensory organs. The Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, and Skin are the five sensory organs of our body that are outward bound, and their role is to collect information from the external world, transmitting it to the mind through the brain. The Mind, a subtle faculty, perceives this information using the Intellect (subtle faculty of the mind), and stores it in the Memory (another subtle faculty of the mind) as an impression. The Ego (one more subtle faculty of the mind) identifies or labels itself with these impressions and that is how the entire game of attachment to worldly things begins. 

The human mind is considered to be the driver of the body and if the driver gets hijacked by any downcast experience of the world, upholding sanity in the mind becomes a real challenge. In addition to this, there lies a predominant entity that pervades throughout our body-mind complex and is considered to be the master of our entire being – some call it the Soul or Spirit and some call it, Awareness or Pure-consciousness or Turiya. But look at the irony, the Master (Soul) has become the servant to the servants (Five Senses) of its servant (Mind) because most humans have no control over their sensory organs and they read, watch and listen to all types of information that creates fear and misery in their lives. 

It is pertinent to mention that information that we gather from the world out there employing our sensory organs constructs our inner world. Verily information is nothing but energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed rather it is transformed from one form to another. Hence, you need to be mindful of what you imbibe because the very information eventually becomes your thoughts, words, and actions, forming your overall personality. 

Nevertheless, if there is sadness, fear, chaos, restlessness, or any such tendency in your mind, it is high time to check the daily food of your mind so that you can replace it with the right food or information, benefitting your overall well-being.

The nature of the mind is ever-changing, however, a mind that is soaked in spiritual knowledge overcomes the flickering of the mind, dissolves the ignorance, fears, and impurities of the mind, and enlightens it to discover the true self, the Atman, which is all-pervasive, unchanging, unattached, eternal, and beyond any birth and death.

Going beyond the fear of death and attaining fearlessness is a choice so how about choosing and striving for it?