Magical 11:11

We all are curious to know the secret behind the repetitive number 11 or 11:11 meaning Some of us have been seeing this number and becoming conscious within and asking a question to ourselves that does it really have any meaning or it’s just a coincidence? Well, there are many theories and philosophies attached to it. Every religion, culture, mathematician, physicist has its theory to it.

Let’s not go into any religion and cultural theory for now, rather let’s see this from a Spiritual perspective. Now, whenever you see 11.11 time on your phone, computer screen, on a car number plate, or anywhere outside in your existence, suddenly the light of consciousness gets on into your mind, does it happen to you? If yes, then please read faithfully, according to Spiritual Gurus it’s a waking call for Awakening yourself. What is Awakening in real life? Awakening is to be conscious(at the moment) of Who you are, Where you are, and What you are doing(Your action and reaction). Be present at the moment and perform your deeds without any result attached to them. This term in Hindu Philosophy is called Nishkam Karma (Selfless or desire less action)

When you encounter 11:11, the light of sensation will hit your subconscious mind for at least a seconds which alerts you that you are at this moment (Moment of now) It distracts your mind from whatever other things you are doing at that moment and takes you to what is secret behind 11:11 

This is a signal from the Universe that it’s time to be aware of our actions and take charge of it. Your frequency is trying to match the sign of the Universe. People often call it Coincidence but there is a secret message from the Universe which is trying to communicate to you to be conscious of you. It’s a doorway to Enlightenment. It is proven in quantum mechanics that the whole cosmos is within us and we are the whole cosmos. Having said that, we species catch the sign of 11:11 and get attention to it because everything is connected. It’s not just theory to it but it’s fate that drives us. Believing this analogy will help to make a better place around us and for the next generation.

Ancient Greek Philosophers have said that every number has vibrational properties. All things are numbers which consist of principal covers everything from Gravity, movement of animals and habits of humanity. The 11.11 concept is used in the Hollywood movie ‘I Origins’. According to Numerology, 11 is the master number that symbolizes the INTUITION INSIGHT & ENLIGHTENMENT.

Spiritual masters have also said that when you consciously see the paired of 11:11, the Universe signals that you are on the right path and your actions are aligned with your Purpose, Goals, and ambitions. People have observed their Spiritual growth.

Law of Attraction theory also believes that 11:11 will help you manifest your dreams come true.

Observing 11:11 is a trigger to our mind we can evolve Spiritually and make better changes for ourselves and the people around us.

Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.

Galileo Galileo

The human biology system is connected with the number 11. Our biology is made of 11 organ systems, which are -Circulatory System

  • Digestive System
  • Integumentary / Exocrine System
  • Endocrine System
  • Lymphatic/Immune System
  • Urinary/Renal System
  • Nervous System
  • Muscular System
  • Reproductive System
  • Respiratory System
  • Skeletal System

This number might not be conscious of you before because you were in deep sleep but if it catches your attention now that means you are waking up from deep sleep of unawareness. It is a Multidimensional being having a human experience. If you keep seeing consciously, it means you are in Synchronizing with the Universe, which is said as – You are in Divine flow of life means Spiritual Awakening to Enlightenment.

Gabrielle Bernstein mention in one of her Video that the Magical number 11 is the sign from the Universe to manifest our dreams. Trust the Universe sign.

Researchers also claim that we can make a wish at 11:11 and believe that it helps to manifest our dreams come true. The reason is we are aligning with external forces(Universe) which reminds us to see life from a larger perspective. It also gives us the courage to get through everything we are about to receive. When such a moment occurs, open up yourself to the divine and become more receptive. This helps to achieve our goal.

The whole cosmos process of helping us is the same with other repetitive numbers such as 1.11, 2.22, and so on.

According to Sadguru, Devi’s Trishulam shape is the same as 11:11, and the sadhana(devotion) of Devi is of 11 cycles. The depth of the Ocean is 11 kilometers. We are located at 11 degrees latitude. Scientists also claim that there are 11 Universes or trans universes beyond there are non-physical dimensions. It means there might be existence but it will be non-material.

Be Humble and more and more kind with everyone and most importantly to yourself. It will lead you to more Awareness. Show Gratitude and Acceptance towards change.

If you want to find the secret of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Nicola Tesla

A new chapter of your life is about to open up. Good Luck…

What is the significance of 11:11? or What is 1111 trying to tell me?

11:11 signifies that your wish or dream can come true if you work upon it. It’s a wake-up call to your subconscious mind to feed your thoughts with tremendous energy and manifest it.

What does 1111 meaning in love?

It signifies that you are going to get an abundance of love soon, You will meet your love life and have a tremendous life ahead. You will be filled with love very soon. Your love life is going to be very peaceful.

What does 1111 meaning in the law of attraction?

It signifies that we are going to receive an abundance of love. We are going to meet our love life partner and have a tremendous life. We will be filled with love very soon. Our love life is going to be very peaceful.

Is making a wish on 11/11 true?

Yes, People have experienced in the past, their wish on 11/11 has come true. Numerologist claims that wishing on 11/11 comes true as number 11 is magical angel number and doubling the digit radiates more power on the day.

Is 1111 a good sign?

1111 is an angel sign. According to Numerologist, 11 is the master number which signifies Intuition, Insight, and Enlightenment, and doubling 11 is a sacred sign for manifesting your dreams. It is a signal that you are in alignment with the Universe.