Abraham “Avi” Loeb is an Israeli-American Cosmologist and Astro Physicists. He is a professor in the Science department at Harvard University. He is the author of eight prominent books and co-authored researched papers on Astrophysics.

“Sometimes, by near accident, something exceptionally rare and special crosses your path. Life turns on your seeing clearly what’s in front of you.”

Avi Loeb

According to Avi, there is no meaning in life, it’s the process we have to enjoy. Start enjoying the process instead of finding the conclusion of anything.

For example, we enjoy the taste of food we don’t think much about what is the meaning of eating and how it will affect our body.

Always have an attitude of learning and experiencing new things. Being humble to everyone is the best advice I can give to everyone.

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“It will be in our open-minded pursuit of data that confirms or disproves hypotheses that humanity’s claim to any universal intelligence will stand or fall.”

Avi Loeb


About – According to Avi, there is no specific meaning for life. Instead, we should enjoy the process of learning and evolve ourselves.

“Sentient life’s common circumstance, to live and die without ever learning why, was, Camus believed, absurd. I believe that other sentient beings—who are bound by intellectual limitations, just as we are—will inevitably arrive at the same conclusion: life is absurd.”

Avi Loeb


About – Avi enjoys working with Youth than Seniors is because they don’t carry baggage and are not self-centered. His suggestions to young people not to follow any personality for success instead nourish their capabilities to evolve themselves.

“Youth is a matter not of biological age but of attitude. It is what makes one person willing to open up new frontiers of scientific discovery while others try to stay within the traditional borders.”

Avi Loeb


About – Avi’s book “Extraterrestrial” answers of ‘Are we alone in Universe?’ According to Avi, thinking of being special is a sign of unmatured. We are in the early stage of our development, we are not Superspecies. We have had our technologies for only 100 years, although it’s evolving exponentially with its limitation.

“The value of information doesn’t reside in the number of thumbs-ups it gets but in what we do with it. And then I put to them a question that many Harvard undergraduates feel they have the answer to: Are we—that is, human beings—the smartest kids on the block?”

Avi Loeb

“Be humble, Earthlings.”

Avi Loeb

“The data we confront tells us that ‘Oumuamua was a luminous, thin disk at the LSR, and when it encountered the gravitational pull of the Sun, it deviated from a trajectory explicable by gravity alone, and it did so without visible outgassing or disintegration. These data points can be summed up as follows: ‘Oumuamua was statistically a wild outlier.”

Avi Loeb

“This is the way the world ends, Not with a ban but a whimper.”

Avi Loeb