Brian Cox is a British Cosmologists and former Musician. He used to be a keyboard player before pursuing his academic qualifications. He wrote two popular Science books which are “why E=mc2?” and “The Quantum Universe”. He is the producer and presenter of a Science program called ‘Wonders of…series’

According to Brian, the Meaning of life is to enjoy it until we are alive, we all have certain death times and we have no idea where we heading after death, while keeping this curious thought in mind, you make your existence beautiful and bliss. Be curious always about knowing the unknown answers that will make us feel our existence alive.

He further explores the meaning by saying “we have to value our existence more.” Our life is not infinite and we might not be able to make any space in this vast cosmos.

“Every carbon atom in every living thing on the planet was produced in the heart of a dying star.”

Brian Cox

We are very small fragile and finite life in this infinite universe. The question is “what is the meaning of life?” itself drives us to breathe consciously. You won’t find satisfying answers ever for this question.

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“We are the cosmos made conscious and life is the means by which the universe understands itself.”

Brian Cox

“You dig deeper and it gets more and more complicated, and you get confused, and it’s tricky and it’s hard, but… It is beautiful.”

Brian Cox


Wonders of Life: Exploring the Most Extraordinary Phenomenon in the Universe

Author: Brian Cox
Professor Brian Cox puts the heart of his lifetime study on the evolution of life. He actually goes on to find life itself through evolution, how nature reacts and life is formed. Reading this book is actually a Meditation in itself. This book is an adaptation of a BBC series with the same name ‘Wonders of Life’ Easy read for those who are interested in physics and Cosmology. After reading this book, you really will look at all the creatures from different points of view. Highly recommended for everyone.
This video is about discussing the meaning of life by Brian Cox with the Joe Rogan podcast. Brian Cox says this question of the meaning of life comes from the intelligence we species have and there is no certain answer to it but it has to be something. We have to keep searching for an accurate answer to it. He agrees with Sean Carroll theory he wrote in his book ‘Big Picture on the Origin of Life, Meaning and Universe itself’.

“We explore because we are curious, not because we wish to develop grand views of reality or better widgets.”

Brian Cox
This video is about – Brian Cox explains being a Cosmologist, he cannot agree with God’s existence. He further adds, nobody knows how the universe has begun. He is not nullifying the argument that he doesn’t believe God Exists, rather he says he doesn’t know because science doesn’t have enough proof yet.

“The ultimate paradox, of course, is that even though we’re all going to die, we’ve all got to live in the meantime.”

Brian Cox

“Life, just like the stars, the planets, and the galaxies, is just a temporary structure on the long road from order to disorder. But that doesn’t make us insignificant, because we are the Cosmos made consciously. Life is the means by which the universe understands itself. And for me, our true significance lies in our ability to understand and explore this beautiful universe.”

Brian Cox

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