Daniel Clement Dennett is an American writer, philosopher, and Scientist. His teachings and studies on Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of mind, and biology are well known to the world.

“What you can imagine depends on what you know.”

Daniel Dennett

According to Daniel, there are two ways to look for the Meaning of life.

  • Accept that we are God’s kids he is the Superpower in managing us. Everything dam or good things happens, happens on his wish.
  • The universe exists without meaning and as evolution begins at one stage we pop up, and through our Intelligence, we can create meaning. We can create meaning by raising our consciousness level, having a passion for one of the things, and drive it to make it happen, which leads to answering the meaning of life. We have to create the Ethics and work on it and not depend on an edict from high power who is non-existent.

“You don’t get to advertise all the good that your religion does without first scrupulously subtracting all the harm it does and considering seriously the question of whether some other religion or no religion at all, does better.”

Daniel Dennett
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“The secret of happiness: Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it.”

Daniel Dennett


Darwin’s Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life

Author: Daniel Dennett
About: The sole understanding of this book is Author(Daniel) has proposed to follow Darwin evolution theory through which we can be clear of the meaning of life. Book also covers how evolution has evolved to date. Daniel also describes Atoms through which we all have evolved and the journey is still ongoing. Daniel Den. has covered an interesting approach to how Cultural and biological evolution has taken place till now. Prior to reading his book, a reader broadens his mindset more and looks at life from a larger perspective. It is more like Carl Sagan Television series like Cosmos. This book is Universal Asset and will kill all religious theories of evolution so he gave it a name as Dangerous Idea. Dennet proves that Science and Religion are not contemplating each other. Best book on Evolution so far. Highly Recommended.
This video is about – Daniel explaining how we humans can create the meaning of life by our Intelligence rather than depending on an unknown object whom we cannot see(The God). With the rising of our Intelligence level, we can come to a mutual decision where everyone lives their life with peace and harmony. There will be conflicts in managing all the minds but we can come to mutual ground and if they don’t come to any understanding it is fine as they are not hurting others.

“There’s simply no polite way to tell people they’ve dedicated their lives to an illusion.”

Daniel Dennett
This video is about Daniel on Consciousness – He explains how he first research Unconsciousness and then he started discovering the Conscious element of the mind. How memory plays important role in raising consciousness.

“There is no such thing as philosophy-free science; there is only science whose philosophical baggage is taken on board without examination.”

Daniel Dennett
This video is about – Daniel explains how Happiness depends on our Intelligence and not on so-called outer objects.

“One of the surprising discoveries of modern psychology is how easy it is to be ignorant of your own ignorance.”

Daniel Dennett

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