Named “One of 75 Yogis Who are Shifting the Planet” by Origin Magazine, Katherine Jane, Ph.D. (“Dr. Katy Jane”) is a counseling Vedic astrologer, Sanskrit & world religions scholar, and teacher of yoga teachers. Born with the moon in the “Bharani” constellation (stars symbolized by a boatman who ferries souls across a river), Katy’s destiny is to serve as a spiritual guide. She connects seekers of meaning with their authentic life path.

Dr. Katy’s lifelong love affair with all things Indian began in church as an eight-year-old child when the minister (a civil rights activist) spoke about Gandhi and his “struggle for truth.” Raised by traumatized war refugees from eastern European countries that no longer exist, she was struck by India, who won her independence without firing a single bullet. Since then, she’s been obsessed and inspired to find out how. She’s traveled, lived, and studied extensively throughout India as both an academic and a spiritual seeker for the past 30 years. She’s fluent in Hindi and one of few Western women competent to chant the ancient Vedas in Sanskrit.

Dr. Katy’s approach to Vedic astrology draws on her academic training in Sanskrit, yoga philosophy and world religions for which she received a doctorate in Religious Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, in 2001. An American Institute for Indian Studies, Ford Foundation and Fulbright-Hayes scholar, Dr. Katy spent five years studying Vedic Sanskrit, yoga, and meditation with traditional gurus in India. Upon her commencement, she was shipped off to Iowa (as a kind of “reverse missionary”) to teach Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam at Simpson College, a conservative Methodist school. Her course, “Yoga, Meditation & the Self,” had the most attendance in the history of the college. 

In 2008, Dr. Katy left her academic career teaching world religions at the University of Colorado and Naropa University to establish a Vedic astrology counseling practice after her sister begged her to read the charts of her co-workers who were all being laid off. Each of the anxious seven ladies shared the same star sign, “Punarvasu,” meaning, again the light. Crippled by fear, these women struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which meant they struggled to see their inherent and unfailing power (a common problem amongst many women). Punarvasu-types always regain what’s been lost. In no time at all the light returns. And it did. They were quickly rehired. 

Since again the light types excel in marketing and communication, these women told their friends. Their friends told their friends. Soon the demand from professional women seeking self-validation overtook Dr. Katy’s professorial duties. She made the leap and transitioned to fulltime astrologer and entrepreneur. 

As a counseling Vedic astrologer, Dr. Katy weaves her knowledge of world mythology and spiritual psychology with her intuitive skills arising from decades of meditation and yoga. In 2006, she created one of the first non-academic courses teaching Sanskrit for Yogis to in-person yoga teacher training programs worldwide, while building a loyal Vedic astrology clientele. She built a six-figure business teaching Sanskrit chanting, yoga philosophy and professional Vedic Astrology trainings, which she rebuilt from scratch (and a $500 loan from her Mom) after her divorce in 2014. 

Dr. Katy’s articles on Vedic astrology, Sanskrit and yoga are published in Elephant, Yoga Fit, Tarka Journal for Embodied Philosophy, Yoga Journal, MindBodyGreen, Origin Magazine, and as a guest-blogger on The Shakti School Magazine and Rising Women Leaders. A regular guest on Ayurveda guru, Katie Silcox’s popular podcast, The Ghee Spot, she’s been interviewed on numerous other podcasts including, Wisdom Talk Radio, Out of the Fog, Richuals, Power of Positivism, and The Experience 50 among others.

Her international Vedic astrology clientele includes such luminaries as the (former) CEO of Brazil Airlines, the President of the Bank of Africa (Rwanda), a Vogue covergirl, and a United States Congresswoman, among many other successful, professional, and high-achieving women in search of meaning and validation.                                               

Today she lives at Dunagiri Retreat (in India’s northeastern Himalayan foothills) which she shares with her husband, five Tibetan mastiffs, and frequent groups of yoga retreatants and spiritual seekers. 

According to Dr. Katy Jane meaning of life of precious human birth
is to evolve were given a sophisticated nervous system that we can evolve to a vibrant on a higher level to the level of God and that is the purpose of being in this body that has been experienced a groof that we have blessed with and a sign of being in alignment with yourself to be able to co-participate with the plan of your life. To align your thoughts your speech in your action with something bigger is also part of the evolutionary journey that we humans are undergoing. so those are the thoughts I have about the meaning of life.