Frank Martela is a Ph.D. in psychology by profession and a philosopher and researcher in the question of meaning in life. He resides at Aalto University in Helsinki.

He advises meditating on thoughts of happiness, meaningfulness, basic needs, and good life to deliver insights that can help everyone to live a slightly better and more self-chosen life.

Frank has been invited to speak on the meaning of life by worldwide universities. He has written many articles and books which are well known all over the world. His book A Wonderful Life – Insights for finding a Meaningful Existence has been highly praised by Intellectuals of society.

According to Frank, there is no meaning of life, instead, there is a meaning in life. We have to create meaning in life to live fullest. We have to create value in other’s life. We have to think in a larger context such as helping others or creating a remarkable value in their lives.

The meaning in life is about doing things meaningful in a way it makes yourself meaningful to others. 

Whatever you are aiming to do in life, keep your energy high and keep your willpower strong.


“Whatever you are aiming at in life, willpower is one of your most important resources.”

Frank Martela
About – Frank explains the meaning of life in just two minutes. I would recommend you to watch it rather than reading my comments. 

“Research has shown, namely, that those people who are most confident about their willpower are most prone to fail”

Frank Martela
About – Does Frank explain who invented the question of the meaning of life? Please watch the video, it’s quite meaningful.

“The best way to use your limited willpower resources is to change the situation so that you do not actually need willpower at all to do the right thing.”

Frank Martela