Gian Kumar is an Indian Spiritual writer. He was born in a traditional Hindu family in Burma (now Myanmar) and later moved to India. He has written many books Know Thyself, Think from the heart Love from the mind, The Ultimate Reality and Spiritual Power (Volume 1&2).

“God may be a product of Human Imagination.”

He defines Spiritual power as “that inner awareness and the capability to awaken our mind from the ignorance that we are not solely body and mind, but something more. Life is a moment of energy. The origin and maintenance of life have been attributed to the flow of light and heat energy provided by the Sun.”

“To understand the real meaning of life first, the destruction of Ego is necessary, and then you gradually getting started into the meaning of life.”

He believes in the Eastern philosophy of Advaita Vedanta which emphasizes discovering his self. The meaning of life is to look within and discover yourself. According to him, Life needs to be lived, experienced and realized – celebrated and enjoyed as it is, the way it is, demanding nothing from the past or the future but everything from the present.

“Purpose in life should be that your inner wealth is able to outshine your external wealth.”

The purpose of life differs from one individual to another some relate this factor to material satisfaction through desires, while others for pursuing spiritual freedom. Some may consider our purpose in life is t appease God by going to a temple or other religious places and following rituals so that we are rewarded by reaching heaven after death.

“God is but a supernatural spirit. He resides dormant in you, until you awaken to liberate yourself from this ignorance that you are body and mind.”

The debate over the meaning of life and death dates back to when the first humans walked this planet. The reason why nature has provided us with an extraordinary mind is to make life meaningful. We need to be first clear whether we are looking for subjective meaning through spirituality or for those objective values, which the external world provides. To understand the real meaning of life first, the destruction of Ego is necessary, and then you gradually getting started into the meaning of life.

“Going beyond thoughts is merely to reduce the multiplicity of your thought. Thoughts lead to words, words to the language, language to action. Action to realization, and back again to thoughts. The mind is made up of words, language, and logic until it dissolves into consciousness.”

Nature exists without any meaning, it just is, as it is, and we are a part of it. There is no purpose its exists with pure intensity and totality. Life is too part of nature. I would say you do not spend too much time figuring out its meaning.

“In witnessing yourself lies the whole mystery of life.”

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