Karen Maina is a spiritual awakening teacher and shamanic practitioner who follows Advaita Vedanta and the Shamans path. She is passionate about self-awareness, deep inner healing, and authentic living. 

She lives in Nairobi Kenya, the land of the marathon runners, where you will find her baking, writing, teaching non-duality, and holding healing sessions for clients. Sitting and watching the world go by is her favorite thing to do.

Karen is the author of the book Alive: The beginning of authentic living and the creator of the 30-day challenge course: Moving from concept to actual lived awakened experience, Available on her website Mindfulsimplehappylife.com

According to Karen, the greatest discovery is the discovery of self. Spiritual awakening is not a collection of facts and concepts it is a lived experience.

The meaning of life is simply to live! To be present and to experience everything that life has to offer to you and to serve. In the midst of this experience we learn, we grow and we find enlightenment. When the journey is done we return to source. Life is for the realization of who you are. You play the game; you explore it fully.

I think we have clouded the simplicity of life with all the rules and materialism we have introduced in the world. We have made life about being better than the other person, collecting more at the expense of the other and the greed is slowly getting to us.

If we were mindful though we would see the abundance and the oneness of life, then we would concentrate on caring for the collective instead of exploiting it. In the African traditional setup, the clan took care of each other, no one slept hungry while the others feasted, no one collected more at the expense of the other. That is the representation of true unity and oneness. It is a lesson I learn daily from our ancestors.

The realization of oneness is the definition of love. When you realize who you are, you realize presence and oneness, you realize love and peace!

Below is an excerpt from her book – The beginning of authentic living and the creator of the 30-day challenge course: Moving from concept to actual lived awakened experience

If life was a symphony, which note would you be? If it was a piece of art, which stroke of the brush would represent you? The notes played in a piece of music are all different, but we cannot stop and say that any note is better or more superior to the other. Each has a role to play for the symphony to be complete. The painting is beautiful in totality because of each stroke on the canvas, regardless of the color, size, or shape of the stroke. They may be different, but each has its place on the canvass. The difference in humanity is not an accident; it is a beautiful design that creates the piece of art that is life. Individuality is beautiful. Do not seek to be anyone else. You will fail miserably if you do. Seek instead to be unapologetically you The reason you have been a spiritual seeker for so long never seeming to find truth is that you keep hoping for something other than this moment, here now. If you drop all strategies, memories hopes, and ideas, alas here you have been all along.