Linda Rae Reneau is a Motivational and Spiritual Instructor. She has been practicing spirituality for over five decades. She provides guidance to Spiritual seeker those are struggling in their journey. She is a very kind and humble being by nature.

She had talks on various topics such as life energies, Awareness, Consciousness, power of senses. She also consults on Akashic Studies. Linda has written many articles and blogs, all you can see on her website.

Linda’s view on the Purpose of life is so beautiful that one can keep on reading. It really touches our souls and gives us the confidence to walk on a Spiritual path. After reading her wisdom, I feel more kind, humble, and compassionate in life.

Linda on Purpose of life – So many answers, and they are all right. That is my conclusion now that I’m in my 70s. Maybe a basic answer is that life is alive and we each fashion our purposes as we go along, in accordance with our main activity at the time, whether that is learning about relationships, making art, healing, compassion, and so on.

Each one of us provides insight and inspiration to each other.

When we can put our purpose into words, it reveals what we are learning, what we are currently lacking knowledge of and being impelled to gain that knowledge, or what we were lacking and now have first-person experience of.

What we think is most important in life is what we had to learn to be true; those who already know that will pick something different. For example, a person who says love is the most important thing had to come to that realization through experience, whereas someone who has already learned that might say that integrity and being authentic is the most important thing. And the amazing thing is that they are both right. Whatever we must learn in life will turn out to be the most important purpose in our life. Or one of the most important purposes.

Maybe there is only one overriding purpose in life but we all express it as it specifically pertains to our unique life.

It is fascinating to read what these famous people say. It is certainly an aid to self-reflection and inquiry. Each of us is a gemstone with many facets. Some of the facets are perfect and sparkling and some are rough and need polishing to make them shine. Like shoes that fit, we don’t notice the sparkling ones, but like shoes that pinch, we are aware of the rough ones and the need to smooth them so they, too, can shine.

She has formally taught meditation classes, naturally an informal type of teacher, following inner knowing spontaneously. Her first Spiritual Mentor was Swami Nirvananda Deva in 1969 in Raja Yoga. In 1973, she spent few months at Shasta Abby with Kennet Rishi, Zen master.

For ten years, she lived in Alaska and attended silent Quaker meetings. She has worked as a nurse, EMT, magazine and manual editor, and various odd jobs. She is a mother, former wife, sister, and so on, but she knows “all her relations,” as in the Native American Indian tradition, to be all beings in creation everywhere, my true family.