Lisa Feldman Barrett is a Canadian-American Neuroscientist and Psychology professor at Northeastern University. She is also a co-founder and editor in a chief journal at Emotion Review. 

She is the author of two books viz as How Emotions are Made: The Secret Life Of The Brain and Seven And Half Lessons About The Brain 

She has also been an Assistant Professor of clinical psychology at the Pennsylvania State University. She has been honored and awarded by various Health Institutions.

“Numerous experiments showed that people feel depressed when they fail to live up to their own ideals, but when they fall short of a standard set by others, they feel anxious.”

According to Lisa, there is no definite meaning of life. The meaning of life is to understand your inner being. One cannot make it generalized for all. If at all once needs meaning of life in general, then I would say serve the people, help in making the world better place for next generation.


“Scientific revolutions tend to emerge not from sudden discovery but by asking better questions”

“An emotion is your brain’s creation of what your bodily sensations mean, in relation to what is going on around you in the world.”

“It takes more than one human brain to create a human mind.”


Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain

Author: Lisa Feldman Barrett
Meaning of life
About- This book is to understand how our brain insights work as thoughts, feelings, and experiences. After reading this book, you will see your brain as your controller. It’s a beautiful short book recommended for everyone.

How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain 

Author: Lisa Feldman Barrett
Meaning of life
About- This book is a mechanism of our mind working. These books give you an insight into how feelings and emotions are created in your mind. It’s a self-transforming book.

“Emotions are not reactions to the world; they are your constructions of the world.”

About – Lisa explains her views on the Fear and Meaning of life. Stating there isn’t one specific meaning of life there is a different meaning each day.

“One illusory stripe of a rainbow contains an infinite number of frequencies, but your concepts for “Red,” “Blue,” and other colors cause your brain to ignore the variability.”

About – Lisa explains how Love is important for Human Species. We Humans species evolved with the social emotions which help grow our nervous system, so we need social attachment. Being Lonely for life or Loneliness will kill us probably seven years early.

“The concept of “Emotion” itself is an invention of the seventeenth century. Before that, scholars wrote about passions, sentiments, and other concepts that had somewhat different meanings.”