Marisa Ferrera is an empowerment coach and mentor who is passionate about supporting men and women in creating healthy boundaries and harmonious family relationships while staying true to who they are. She lives with her husband in the beautiful country of Colombia, South America.

Marisa is the author of a well-known book named ‘Magnify your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire’ which is readily available on

According to Marisa, there is no one purpose in life, however, she believes, “When you listen to your inner wisdom, you recognize the Magnificence of who you truly are and can reclaim your power to live with peace & joy.”

Below is an extract from her book that focuses on the Purpose of life.

Take a moment and breathe. Breathe into this day, this moment. Give thanks for your breath and the ease with which your body breathes. Do you even have to think about this in order for it to happen? No, it is a natural and necessary process in order to keep your body alive. Just as it is natural for you to breathe, it is also your natural state to be happy and to manifest all that you desire.

The reason you do not experience manifestation with as much ease as taking in a breath is because your thinking has interfered with this process

Marisa Ferrera

In order for you to return to your natural state of effortless manifestation, you must first release your limited thinking and, in order to do this, you must first become aware of your limiting thoughts. If you have been working through the various exercises presented so far, you have already begun this process and, if not, we invite you to go back and complete the exercises. As you begin to notice more and more the thoughts that block your manifestations, you will be guided toward the Truth and more of your unconscious limiting beliefs will be brought to the surface so you can release these as well.

You may have already learned that it is your unconscious, limiting beliefs that direct your life and determine the results of your manifestations and at first this can feel discouraging. You may wonder what you can do if you “don’t know what you don’t know” as some have put it. The simple act of being WILLING to uncover your unconscious, limiting beliefs will help bring them to the surface and into your awareness, giving you an opportunity to let them go and replace them with more empowering thoughts and beliefs that are based on Truth.

“One of the most limiting beliefs that many of you have adopted as Truth is that you were born with a very specific life purpose about what you are here to DO.”

Marisa Ferrera

You have been told that unless you discover and live out this purpose you will not be happy or feel fulfilled. This has created much stress and distress for many of you who now have a strong desire to KNOW your life purpose so you can DO what you believe you are here to do. You read books and seek help desperately trying to figure out what you are here to do and most of you are driven by the fear of possibly never figuring this out and ending up with a life with no meaning. Take a breath and let this go. There is no right or wrong thing for you to do in this life. Your true purpose has nothing at all to do with what you choose to DO. It is all about who you are BEING.

You see, everyone’s life purpose is the same, to BE your true, authentic self so that your magnificence will shine forth extending love and Light to ALL. Just imagine what your world would be like and what the quality of life would be for you and others if everyone on your planet knew the Truth about who they really are and live from this place of Truth! It would be and can be spectacular!

As you begin to KNOW yourself, you will be naturally drawn toward various activities and will take action based on love and not fear. You will feel a calling deep within your soul that will be as natural as your breath, guiding you step by step. It will not take effort to “figure out” what you “should” be doing. You will be led, easily and effortlessly, along a path that brings you and others joy. This is what is natural, not the striving to become who you think you are supposed to be, or the stress of trying to decide what you are supposed to be doing.

“In Truth, you can DO anything you want and you can feel happy and fulfilled DOING anything as long as you are doing it from a place of BEING your authentic self.”

Marisa Ferrera

Jesus said, “know thyself”, for he knew that this is the true path to experiencing heaven on earth. If you read about any of the great mystics and spiritual leaders, they all emphasize the importance of looking within and seeing who you truly are.

Today take some time to reflect on how this message speaks” to you. What thoughts and feelings came up for you as you read the words? Do you feel relieved? Disappointed? Angry? Whatever you are feeling is wonderful. We encourage you to go deeper into the feelings to see what is underneath. What thoughts and/or beliefs do you have that are causing you to feel the way you do?


Magnify your Magnificence: Your Pathway to the Life & Relationships You Truly Desire

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