Milind Kher is the CEO of HQ and a Life Coach. I am a Wellness Evangelist. I have used my skills in life skills training to build this. His core areas of competence are Communication Skills and Mind Sciences, which include Emotional Intelligence and NLP.

He has developed applications that enable him to use Emotional Intelligence and NLP in conjunction with other training interventions, with a focus on those vital to Wellness Training.

He has also weaved communication skills into other programs, especially Wellness Programs to leverage the advantage of sound communication skills. 

According to Milind, the meaning of life is a unity of being. We are all equal and the same creature of one creator. He further refers to the poem which is used to teach in schools says ‘All things bright and beautiful, Creatures great and small, the good Lord made us all”. There should be no discrimination and inequality for anyone, one for all, all for one.