Olivia Kissper is a Spiritual and Motivational Guide and Business Mentor. She is a kind and humble being by nature. 

Her guidance and systems have helped thousands in healing over the decade. She provides 1 on 1 sessions online and currently is writing a book from the jungles of Costa Rica about quitting the time slavery, impatience, and overwhelm by using a mind-blowing 5 step time check process.

According to Olivia, the purpose of life is to be exactly as we are and where we are. But our striving for a better future keeps us in the loop of dissatisfaction and boosting our false identities. Hence, we are trying to figure out intellectually what everything means, so we can control it, and fit our fantasy of what ‘should be into what is. 

There is no life in meaning. Meaning implies a story in time. It implies agendas and control. Love never needs anything to happen or anyone to change. That’s what we are beyond stories and beyond what we imagine should and shouldn’t happen.

Quotes from Olivia Kissper –


There is only one thing that creates the illusion of loss of time. And it has nothing to do with having too much to do. And everything to do with keeping the false character living in the deceptive timeline alive.

Olivia Kissper
About – If you’d like to jump out of the time race and learn about Olivia’s book stay in the loop here. In this unique book, combining self-inquiry, non-duality, and business, you will: 
1. Discover your hidden agenda that is the only thing that ‘steals’ your time
2. Unwrap the 3 gifts from the contraction when we feel ‘time is running out and, 
3. Discover the ONE effortless action to focus on immediately to dissolve any overwhelm or overthinking.
About – We all have many questions about Spirituality? If you are confused after reading and listening to many things, stop and watch this video. She explains the Spirituality with little effort and in easy language.
About – Olivia explains the meaning of life in this video. She used a simple analogy to explain how our minds interpret small things and create problems out of them, instead if we just see it as it is, it is as wonderful and pure as nature.
About – Olivia explains the concept of Non-Duality. If I write something it would not make justice to the video, I recommend watching it consciously.