Roger Penrose is a British Mathematician and Physicist for decades. He is honored Nobel Laureate in Physics. His contribution is awarded to the Mathematical physicist of general relativity and cosmology. He is a professor at the University of Oxford. He has written books on the connection between fundamental physics and human consciousness. He is not a religious person and described himself as Agnostic.

“We have a closed circle of consistency here: the laws of physics produce complex systems, and these complex systems lead to consciousness, which then produces mathematics, which can then encode in a succinct and inspiring way the very underlying laws of physics that gave rise to it.”

Roger Penrose

According to Roger, the meaning of life is still a mystery. If we solve the Consciousness, then we can get the meaning of life. Unless Consciousness is solved, the topic of the purpose of life remains a mystery.

We are not accurate about the nature of the big bang theory, we still don’t have enough evidence that it was the beginning of the Universe. We have to solve those issues first, and we will eventually be inclined to the meaning of life.


“Mathematical truth is not determined arbitrarily by the rules of some ‘man-made’ formal system, but has an absolute nature, and lies beyond any such system of specifiable rules.”

Roger Penrose
About – In Conversation, Roger explains that Science has no accurate proof to accommodate consciousness and no evidence that the big bang was the beginning of the Universe.

“To make this condition mathematically clearer, it is convenient to assert it in the form that the space-time can be continued smoothly, as a conformal manifold, a little way prior to the hypersurface . To before the Big Bang? Surely not: the Big Bang is supposed to represent the beginning of all things, so there can be no ‘before’. Never fear—this is just a mathematical trick. The extension is not supposed to have any physical meaning! Or might it …?”

Roger Penrose
About – Roger explains the importance of Mathematics in explaining the physical world. According to him, Mathematics is more like Geology or archeology where you are exploring something that you cannot dream of.

“To me the world of perfect forms is primary (as was Plato’s own belief)-its existence being almost a logical necessity-and both the other two worlds are its shadows.”

Roger Penrose
About – The computer or any Machine cannot work like the human mind because it does not have consciousness which is the special ability we as humans have. We can think and imagine anything because of our Intellect. There is an understanding within us which is a key feature of the human mind, the machine cannot understand they run the code set by the algorithm.
About – Roger describing that there might be the possibility of the existence of the Universe before the big bang theory explosion.

“It is only with very large masses indeed that light-cone tilting can be directly observed; whereas its actual presence in very tiny amounts in bodies as small as specks of dust is a clear-cut implication of Einstein’s theory.”

Roger Penrose

“These are deep issues, and we are yet very far from explanations. I would argue that no clear answers will come forward unless the interrelating features of all these worlds are seen to come into play. No one of these issues will be resolved in isolation from the others. I have referred to three worlds and the mysteries that relate them one to another. No doubt there are not really three worlds but one, the true nature of which we do not even glimpse at present.”

Roger Penrose