Rosemary McCarthy is a spiritual mentor who helps people through her writings and counseling. She is an author of several spiritual books, her first book “Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science” has made an immense impact on many lives. She lives in the beautiful city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. According to Rosemary, the purpose of life is to connect more fully with Our True Self – connect more fully to love. Connected to our True Self, we can feel love more deeply and are more easily able to express love’s qualities towards others and out into the world.

“When We Reconcile the Truth of Who We Are – with the Truth of Who We Are Being – Powerful Shifts Occur Within Us.”

Rosemary McCarthy

Below is an extract from Rosemary’s book – Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science

The Unfolding of Our Life Purpose

Whether through a soul urging or simply wanting to better ourselves, once we embrace the higher-vibration aspects of living, our existence takes on more meaning, and our life purpose starts to unfold.

When we are shifting and changing, being attuned to our True Self and keeping our minds open will allow us to hear what our soul is whispering to us and keep us open up to new possibilities. And often, the path our life now takes and how our life purpose unfolds comes as a big surprise. 

Finding our life’s purposes is invigorating and makes us feel alive. I spent most of my life having jobs to just get by or keep myself sane from the perceived drudgery of being a housewife, but once I embraced my life purpose, a new spark arose in me.

“Attitude is Everything About Everything”

Rosemary McCarthy

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself writing a book – especially one of a spiritual/self-help nature.  However, as my journey to peace progressed, much of what I learned yearned for expression. As I put pen to paper, words flowed out of me, and I felt my life purpose start to unfold. From this, my first book, Your Journey to Peace, Bridging the Gap Between Religion, Spirituality, Psychology, and Science, was born. While writing Your Journey to Peace …, I had periods of great excitement as I realized I could share what I have learned on my journey to peace – and possibly help others on theirs.

I started to understand that my life purpose was to help others in their emotional healing, self-understanding, and spiritual growth, and to do this by “bridging the gap” between the various areas of religious, spiritual, and psychological study – ergo the sub-title of my book.

Finding Energy and Peace from Our Life’s Purpose

Most of my life was characterized by stress, frustration, and deep fatigue. I noticed other women who had fewer luxuries or time on their hands and with more difficult circumstances than me and wondered where they got their energy from and how they stayed calm, positive, and even seemed happy. It baffled me! I eventually realized that Unconscious Influences were running my life – and keeping me angry, frustrated, stressed, and blaming others for my unhappiness – it was exhausting.

“The Cavern between Us and Others Is in Direct Relationship to the Cavern between Us and Our True Self”

Rosemary McCarthy

In the final phase of putting Your Journey to Peace…. together, I worked harder than I ever have, as I had so much material to go through, collate, edit, reedit, double-check, and refine. I occasionally did feel tired as I worked many hours a day, days in a row – and sometimes even through the night. Still, generally speaking, I felt more energized and peaceful throughout the process than I ever did working regular jobs.

I was also very excited to have discovered something satisfying and valuable to do with the rest of my life. We do not have to do something society judges as valuable to have a happy, peaceful, and fulfilling life. Still, I had an inner knowing that I now had a purpose. And it made me happy. 

I now feel energized, satisfied, and confident in different ways than I did before – and I know a lot of this is due to finding my life’s purpose, which developed naturally along my journey to personal healing. In The Purpose Driven Life Journal, Rick Warren tells us that as our life’s purpose unfolds, we often experience “incredible joy from knowing God’s purpose for [our lives].” And we get a sense of peace as we “learn the big picture – how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.”

I felt that sense of peace while putting Your Journey to Peace… together, and I find great contentment in sharing what I learned on my journey to peace with the world. 

Even with all its ups and downs, the puzzle pieces of my life fit together nicely and brought me to my life’s purpose. Even though we are guided to our life’s purpose, we still have to do the required work. Conscientious diligence is a must to bring forth our desires and reach our full potential. No matter what our purpose is, whether working toward a diploma or degree, making the team, or earning a promotion, dedication and consistent effort is absolutely necessary. Spirit inspires us, guides us, and helps us along the way, but we still have to do the leg work.

©Rosemary McCarthy,

November 17, 2021


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