Sean Stephenson was an American motivational and self-inspired person. He was born with an Osteogenesis disease in which most bones were non-functional. He has spent his whole life in a wheelchair.

“Make dreams happen for other people and you’ll be flooded with miracles.”

Sean Stephenson

He has written two motivational books viz “How You(th) Can Succeed!: Transforming Dreams into Reality for Young Adults (2001)” and “Get Off Your “But”: How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself (2009)

“If you have a heartbeat, there’s still time for your dreams.”

Sean Stephenson

According to Sean, the meaning of life is to create one. One has to design life meaning with hearing his voice – the Intuition. Your inner voice exactly knows what you meant for and it’s never wrong. Believe in yourself, believing in helping and serving others for their dreams to come true.

There is no definite meaning of life we have to discover by diving inside us.

“I’m not afraid to make mistakes, that’s why my life rocks!”

Sean Stephenson

“Until you take ownership for your life, you will always be chasing happiness.”

Sean Stephenson
About: Sean explains, Do not hear and believe anything which does not empower you. Accepting the situation as it is and it will make you strong in life. It turns to celebration when you accept the adversity in your life.

“That which takes effort, improves your life.”

About: Sean shares his interaction with the Dalai Lama and how he was astonished by the teachings of Buddhism. The three most important lessons for connecting people emotions are-
1. Show/Spread Smile
2. Playfulness-showing wisdom to everything
3. Listening to everyone in the way they wanted to be heard.

“The happiest people I know don’t watch TV, they read books.”

Sean Stephenson
About: Sean explains very well that everything going around us which we say as suffering has a purpose to it.

“You make a new life by making new choices.”

“Do at least one thing a day that isn’t easy but rewarding.”

“Life is a process of growing into your greatness.”

“In your life you’ll be criticized for speaking up and criticized for remaining silent. Criticism is a part of the path.”

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