Stephen Kotkin is an American historian and author. He is currently a professor at Princeton University. He won number of awards for his outstanding contribution for program in history. He is well known for his books which is history based name as Magnetic Mountain: Stalinism as Civilization which is based on the everyday lives in the soviet city of Magnitogorsk during the 1930s.

In podcast with Lex Fridaman, Stephen Kotkin shares his view on meaning of life. According to Stephen, the meaning of life is not known to anyone however, we can life purposeful life by creating our own purposes. We can bring values and changes in others life by our taking small steps of caring and helping others. It doesn’t matter in which field we are working, we can always bring a positive change to lives around us.


Comment – In above video, Professor Stephen explains leading the purposeful life with right intention is possible. We should have a purpose of caring and helping others to bring values and change in others.