Life can mean multiple things to people and they all could be correct from their standpoint. All subjective experiences are true for those individuals!

Here, let’s explore meaning of life – one fundamental dimension which I find both interesting and inspiring.

What is common between a painter, potter, and sculptor? An actor, singer, and dancer? A writer, director, and master musician? No doubt, all of them are highly talented artists. However, there is one common thing to all of them, they all are expressing themselves through their art.

What do a heater, a refrigerator, a television, and a radio have in common? It’s the Electricity that is expressing itself as heat and cold, as pictures and sounds.

In the Hindi language, there is a beautiful word for a human being “VYAKTI“. The root word is ‘Vyakt’ meaning to Express or Manifest. Hence, human beings are essentially the beautiful expressions or manifestations of the common principle called “Life“.

Hence, Human beings are those through whom Life manifests the unseen, beautiful, and pristine Divinity. Life can be perceived in all its glory through the body and the senses.

Life itself is extremely subtle. It’s hidden deep inside a tiny seed as well as within every cell of our bodies.

However, life needs a medium for its expression. Life can manifest itself as a simple, unicellular organism Amoeba, or as a highly complex system in a human being.

To me, life means the multitude of manifestations of this wonderful universe and all the beings in it. A Magnificent Expression – Life means an incredible and breathtakingly beautiful experience.

Let’s see life in all its splendor. Life is in and around us, be it as a shining star above or a tiny flower below.