If the photons were absorbed through photosynthesis in a particular part of the leaf, it becomes a possibility for that electron to become molecularly bound to a part of a seed or rather a fractal base of that type of plant.

“The purpose in living creatures would be muscle and the purpose of plants would be to convert a directional force set of frequencies into a bound newly created follower electron from the sun.”

David Vargas

If the photons were absorbed through photosynthesis in a particular part of the leaf, it becomes a possibility for that electron to become molecularly bound to a part of a seed or rather a fractal base of that type of plant.

If the electron has an opportunity to develop from a seed fractal, it has established a hierarchy structure of governance of the electrical balance in order for it to allocate bonds from the given fractal pattern. After the controller electron leaves its position and the electrons involved all part to become individual controllers, the ones involved have a higher probability of being an electron bound to the start sequence of a creature instead of a plant.

Finding a plant that can modulate its pH could produce a facility for a molecular breakdown like a Venus flytrap. The conscience is an electron bound to a molecule that can invoke a series of bound electrons involved to reflect on an action to take. The electron modifies its surroundings by any means necessary through positive, neutral, or negative forces governed by the proton or proton/neutron it’s bound too.

This is a new dimension to look at the meaning of life. A perfect new way to explore and look for ways to find, choose or create the meaning of life for yourself.

When the electron is required for the atom to exist, for example, hydrogen with one electron and one proton, the one-electron is in a stagnant state considered to be hell until another electron interacts with it and possibly takes its place. In the example of hydrogen, the one-electron is governed by the proton which is considered a perfect angel at this point. The next molecule in the list is helium that has two electrons surrounding two protons and two neutrons and would be considered the first state of existence between perfection and chaos.

Researching sodium and salts would provide a closer chemical representation of the covalent bonds necessary to provide the process of transfer from one to the other. Creation from simple chemical reactions would be stomach acids or a pool of acids rather. The acids do the breakdown work of molecules and provide freed electrons that are no longer bound to a molecule, this would be considered removing one from a “hell/stagnant” state to a “heaven/dynamic” state.

“When a chemical reaction takes place and provides a new covalent bond, the electrons have a place to exist without being required to be there and have a free decision to make instead of a forced decision or stagnation.”

David Vargas

Each set of molecules can provide many pathways for electron force to travel and is the physical manifestation of heaven while the molecules themselves are the physical manifestation of hell.

A particular creature can only be born through a particular structure but the same creature can die in many different ways involving many different structures; a “one to many” relationship exists with being born and dying as that creature.

“A purpose through a chemical representation would be emotions.”

David Vargas

The feeling of want or need is what drives the muscle into motion from a resting state. If there is no emotional feedback, the action would most likely not take place. Every emotion has a direct representational feeling in the mind unique to its own that can be developed through “distracted meditation” techniques; the ability to focus on a distracting medium while sustaining a 4 to 7 Hz range of thought known as a comfortable stare.

There is a physical place in the brain is viewed and a physical emotion that is part of the comfortable stare which is the sixth-dimensional location, three-dimensional space in a three-dimensional space that can’t interact with the other while time being a reference of one object to a second object making them relative to each other as a standard unit of measure. The best description of visual authority to the rods and cones of the eye would be floaters that can’t ever be directly looked at. The only way to view floaters correctly is to look past them in space and allow them to move without attempting to look at them since they are physically on the rods and cones of the eye.

“Distracted meditation is the ability to prevent the feeling of waking up while eyes are open and focused on a solid surface portion of the environment.”

David Vargas

The reason why this is so important of practice is that the feeling of waking up is a feedback response from adjusting the brain’s frequency from a low 4 to 7 Hz state to a high 14 to 30 Hz state. There has been an oversimplification of emotions from what’s actually available. Feelings like happy, sad, attentive, prepared, eager, anxious to name a few are the emotions with a word associated with them but the emotional feedback system of the brain has millions of representational emotions during distracted meditation.

The ability to focus sight and emotion effort while focused on a solid surface, distracted and viewing the object in mind simultaneously is the goal of the distracted meditation technique. The skill involved after the technique is complete if ever, would be visual manifested referenced memory as in numbers, letters, and even architectural blueprints directly written to memory and only forgotten when the object is altered or destroyed in the sixth-dimensional space.

If energy can’t be created nor destroyed in life then can energy be created and destroyed in death?

To view the manifestations of possible, sixth-dimensional viewing can lead a significant insight as to what the outcome of infinite can be but usually ends with a paranoia state that involves everything being connected together while personal judgment is being applied to every emotional reaction taken. There are millions of emotional feedbacks to determine an ultimate outcome of the physical manifestation that took place and with some controversy; every religion has what’s understood as interpreters of emotions that relay a refined response, unlike an atheist that expresses raw emotions directly to the Creation Fractal whether they understand it too or not.

Lastly, there is schizophrenia which every person that has ever had a dream has experienced but doesn’t suffer from while awake.

If there are objects and sounds emitting that are not in the first three dimensions of space then they exist in the next dimensions. This natural ability for all creatures to have experienced this while in a high-frequency state has been trained out and sectioned off in the mind to only appear while no additional input is being received and only manifested when the eyes are in a physical direction writing to a physical location in the brain.

To see this location, the eyes must be closed and the mind in a resting state, and then opening the eyes without adjusting the location of the eyes. This practice helps to understand where in the brain the two two-dimensional objects are being generated and why it’s so difficult to do when the eyes are open.

The modulation is similar to an FM radio that modulates a frequency on a secondary frequency but instead is a three-dimensional set of frequencies written on another three-dimensional set of frequencies.

As soon as a cortex can read and write at the same time while distracted and conscience trying; they have surpassed all obstacles required that had been developed since birth and can now use it as a tool for three-dimensional work that can be manifested into art, architecture, writing, math or even astral projections at the very least.

The intention of creation would be the concept of foreverness, eternity with memory from every cycle before so that there is never anything or always something. To be able to get anything out of this relative space would induce an entire existence to occur based on this existence, the cell splitting, so it’s a possibility that we are the start of the first cell split in a womb at this very moment and what our next manifestation will be is based on the events from this manifestation.

Thank You for your time.