Gaur Gopal Das is an Indian monk related to ISKCON – International Society for Krishna Consciousness. He is an Electrical Engineer by Profession. He has written two books-

1. Life’s amazing secrets: How to find balance and purpose in your life.

2. The way of the monk: The four steps to Peace, Purpose and Lasting.

Happiness He gives various seminars on Life events, Spirituality, Relationships, Work-life, and Social contribution. He smartly says in each of his seminars – Stop going through life, Start growing through life!

“Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

Gaur Gopal Das

He touches on a very sensitive part of life’s where one can easily connect such as Forgiveness, Why worry, Spiritual Practice, Growing through Gratitude.

“When things are beyond your control and there is nothing you can do, why worry?”

Gaur Gopal Das

He puts in a role as Purpose of life, where he says living with Gratitude, Compassion, Understanding, and Integrity are part of life, and having those qualities will lead you to find the meaning of life. The purpose of life is to live life like a candle, light to others before it melts. The ideology behind this is being selfless, serve others while you will lighten within. He quotes an example from the Former President of India – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalamji said – ”I may not be handsome, but if I gave my hand to some to help them I will definitely be handsome.” Therefore, he concludes by saying When “I” turns into “We”, illness turns into Wellness. “Serving others” is the ultimate purpose of life.

“Live your life in such a way that those who know you but don’t know God, will come to know God because they know you.”

Gaur Gopal Das

In my view – He is the most loved monk among youth. He makes it easy to practice spirituality in daily life, which helps you in your relationship with family and everywhere. I named him as “Engineer of Monk”, in engineering we have to check each device to be in a working model to build a successful instrument, same as with life, we have to see each part of life works properly in a relationship, work, Spirituality, Self-journey, etc

“Watch your thoughts, they turn into words. Watch your words, they turn into actions. Watch your actions, they turn into habits. Watch your habits, they turn into character. Watch your character, it turns into your destiny.’ It all begins with a thought.”

Gaur Gopal Das

“Transforming lives through his inspiring words of wisdom- this is what Gaur Gopal Daji has been doing as a leading modern-age speaker” – Hema Malini (Indian Veteran Actress)

“Deep, profound lessons on how to live with purpose and balance, brought out through an entertaining storyline and interesting anecdotes’“- Nitin Gadkari(Minister of Transport Department, Indian Government)

“To find a purpose in life, you must go on a journey of self-discovery.”

Gaur Gopal Das

Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life 

Life's Amazing Secrets: How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life

Book: Gaur Gopal Das

“We must find positivity in the bleakest situations and live by the principle of gratitude.”

Gaur Gopal Das

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