John Calvin Maxwell was born on February 20, 1947. He is a popular American author, pastor, and speaker, who has written multiple books, his primary focus has been leadership.

Maxwell brings a different dimension of time and spending it wisely to advance the overall purpose. He does not talk about what is the “purpose of life” but points what it will take to forward the purpose in life.

“People who use time wisely spend it on activities that advance their overall purpose in life.”

John Calvin Maxwell

When we are asking “what is the purpose of my life” what we are actually saying is “Am I significant?”, If Yes then how do I contribute and be a part of some noble cause. Maxwell said this beautiful quote to describe the significance every person longing for.

“Every person has a longing to be significant; to make a contribution; to be a part of something noble and purposeful.”

John Calvin Maxwell

He also takes a shot at success, by saying success is knowing our purpose and he adds success is reaching our maximum potential and creating a platform that benefits others.

“Success is knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.”

John C. Maxwell

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