Naval Ravikant is an Indian American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

On the meaning of life Naval Says:

“There is no answer. The real answer is because you get to make up your own answer it’s beautiful. If there was a single answer, we would not be free. We would be trapped, we would all have to live to that answer, luckily there is no answer.”

Naval Ravikant

Most great questions have paradoxical answers. How do we matter in this boundaryless universe? You are alone as well as at the same time you are connected to everything in this universe.

When we ask the question, ‘Do we matter?’ the answer to it is ‘We are nothing, and We are everything’.

The question Meaning of life and all its paradoxical answers are actually very useful because they help us get deep understanding and gets closer to peace in our life.”

He says that we all have to do hard things, to create our own meaning in life and this world (our current reality) just reflects our own feelings back to us. The ultimate reality is completely neutral.

If you really want deep dive on Naval Ravikant profound perception, I recommend you listen to his podcasts with Joe Rogan

Eric Jorgenson, the author of his blog asked the question “What is the Meaning of life?” to Naval and to which he wrote:

Our meaning is personal to us. We have to find our own meaning. Any piece of knowledge anybody else gives us, whether it’s Enlightened Buddha or Lord Krishna or your very successful neighbor, is going to sound to you like nonsense. Fundamentally, we have to find it for ourselves, so the most important is the question and not the answer. You just have to dig with the question. It might take years or decades. When you create your own answer and you feel complete with your creation, it will be fundamental to your life.

There is no meaning to life. There is no purpose to life.


It’s like trying to write on water or trying to build a house with sand. The reality is you have been dead for the history of the Universe, more than 10 billion years. You will be dead for the next 70 billion years or more, until the death of this Universe.

Anything we do will fade. It will disappear, just like we humans will disappear and this planet earth will disappear. Even the group that will colonize Mars will disappear. No one is going to remember you or me past a certain number of our generations, whether you’re an entrepreneur, famous artist, a renowned poet, a king or queen, a poor person, or just anyone else. There’s no meaning.

We have to create our own meaning, which is what it all boils down to. We have to decide:

“Is this a stage play which I’m just watching?”

“Is this a so-called “self-actualization” dance I’m doing?”

“Is there anything specific that I desire?”

These are all meanings we make up.

“There is no fundamental, intrinsic purposeful meaning to the Universe. If there was, then you would just ask the next question. You’d say, Why is that the meaning?”

Physicist Richard Feynman said:

“It would be “turtles all the way down.” The “why’s” would keep accumulating. There is no answer you could give that wouldn’t have another “why.”

Richard Feynman

We should not buy the everlasting afterlife answers because it’s insane, and with absolutely no evidence, to believe because of how we live this small span of life (70 or 100 years) here on this planet, we’re going to spend eternity, which is a very long time, in some afterlife world. What kind of silly God will judge us for eternity based on so small period of time we lived here? I think after this life, it’s very much like before we were born.

Before we were born, we didn’t know about anything or cared about anyone, including our loved ones, including ourselves, including human beings, whether we will go to Mars or whether we will stay on the planet Earth, whether there’s an Artificial Intelligence or not in the Technology world. After our death, we just don’t care.