Om Swami is a monk and author of 15 books including best-sellers books like A Million Thoughts, Kundalini: An Untold Story, The Wellness Sense, If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir, and When All Is Not Well. The Last Gambit is his latest and first fiction.

He is a millionaire and he achieved it in his 20’s and gave it all away at the age of 30. He now lives in the Himalayas and helps solve problems of the spiritual or mundane problems of the people.

“The purpose of your life is not to merge into the supreme consciousness; that’s an outcome. It will happen anyway, for everything goes back to its source, eventually.”

– Om Swami
Purpose of life Om Swami

He defines the purpose of life simply as to live, love, laugh and giving. What he touches by saying life is living the life is important, having love in life makes all the difference, and laugh here symbolizes happiness and being happy is the base of living life and having love in life. When he says “Give” it is about your contribution to the life of other beings, be it humans, animals, plants, and nature overall.

“The purpose is simple: Live, love, laugh, give.

– Om Swami
About: According to Om Swami, Intuition is an arrow that is flying by your subconscious mind. The one who is Awakened can see the shooting arrow, coming and going through. He emphasizes if one meditates on Manipura chakra, he can strengthen and become aware of his Intuition.